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Panaji, North Goa
Hotel Salida Del Sol,
Menezes Braganza Road,
Goa - 403001

Cafe Mojo is India’s first E Beer pub where you draw your own beer from taps directly into the glasses on the table, so you only pay for what you drink and you do not pay by the glass. Cafe Mojo delivers an elegant mix of pubbing and a casual dining experience. The Bistro menu includes select French, coastal, continental – oriental and Mediterranean and of course, a pan- Indian cuisine. The ultimate experience at Cafe Mojo is ensured by a professional and enthusiastic team and this being the reason, the management of Cafe Mojo values and acknowledges their contribution. The concept of an exclusive and exquisite interior/exterior design, comfortable seating, soothing and eye comforting lighting, and elegant interiors – sum up the Ambience of CAFE MOJO. Music according to Shakespeare is the food of love. And that’s how CAFE MOJO loves to present its music. With love and passion. Cafe Mojo’s jukebox has a unique playlist that features retro and modern tracks across all other genres in English and Indian languages.

Presently Cafe Mojo has just one outlet which is located in Panjim in the heart of the city, Cafe Mojo a 24*7 English Styled Pub & Bisto offers a traditional pubbing experience one of its kind with an old English Pub Decor, coupled with a modern E-Beer System.

Wide range of Indian and Foreign liquors, Cocktails and Mocktails, Coffees and Cappuccinos, and lip smacking trendy snacks..Cafe Mojo has it all to quench your pubbing desires all day long!!

Bar, Pub & Club Details

  • British
  • Continental
  • French
  • Pan Asian
  • Seafood
  • Air-conditioned
  • Allows smoking
  • Good for groups

Payment Method

Payment Method
Cafe Mojo
Cafe Mojo
Cafe Mojo
Cafe Mojo
Cafe Mojo
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