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Ice Cream Parlours

ice cream parlourWhat began long ago as a simple iced concoction has now developed into one of the world's most popular types of dessert: ice cream. Whether it's the fanciest flavors from the local ice cream shops or the homemade ice cream recipes from grandma's kitchen, it seems like everyone has a favorite ice cream flavor of some sort.

Like coffee shops, ice cream parlours have also gained popularity in the Goa with almost every locality having an ice cream parlour, or at least a small take away ice cream stall, for people to enjoy their favorite dessert even during late hours.

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Amici is just a couple of years old but its Italian fat-free ice creams have many takers in Goa. These come in around 20 flavors and cost between Rs.35 and Rs.65 per scoop.
23 results - showing 1 - 5
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