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bars, pubs & clubsAs the sun sets, Goa just doesn't cool down. It's just beginning to heat up - with party-goers of all ages hitting the streets intent on making the most of Goa's pulsating nightlife.

It's the pubs and hyper-hip discos, which have become the most popular hangout these days due to a High Court ruling banning outdoor music after 11 p.m. The crowd is hep especially on weekends.

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Hill Top
Des­erted by day, this place comes alive after nightfall, and is famous for its legendary New Year rave parties that go on for over three-four days and nights without break.
SINQ Beach Club
Sahil Adwalpalkar of Adwalpalkar Group, Raya Shankhwalkar and ThinkTanc have come together to provide a unique experience as SINQ.
Cafe Mojo
Cafe Mojo Pub & Bristo is the first English Pub in Goa introducing the concept of E-Beer where you can draw your own chilled crisp draught beer at your convenience from the taps provided on every table that one occupies. Since the beer is...
Leslie’s Molly Malone is a typical, authentic “Irish Pub” with an aesthetic decor serving Irish, English & continental cuisine. Specialties include steak, pies, roast, Irish stew, English breakfast, desserts, ice creams & a full- fledged bar serving liquor, beers, wines, cocktails & mocktails. ...
105 results - showing 6 - 10
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Club West End

A good hangout for young people Club West End plays good DJ music where you could jive to the tunes on a fairly large dance floor.

Down The Road

Down The Road serves amazing food, tantalizing drinks and live music every day and night of the week.


This is definitely the place for sports buffs and party animals. It's a multi-cuisine restaurant and lounge with a giant screen and a spacious dance floor right on the beach.


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