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Occupying a section of Hotel Seacoin on Colva Beach, 49er's is popular for its seafood. The eatery also serves traditional Goan desserts like Bebinca.
More than 50 years old, this restaurant has both seafood and Goan dishes in its menu. The most popular restaurant in Vasco, Anantashram is always teeming with people.
Angaara is an open-air restaurant located on the road to Candolim beach. They have excellent Indian and Goan fare, and a lot for vegetarians as well.
Comfy seating, colourful lamps and ethnic Indian touches give the Biryani Palace a vibrant, happy feel.
A part of Coconut Creek Resort, this restaurant is set by a pool on split levels and serves Continental and Goan cuisines.
45 results - showing 1 - 5
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Located very close to the entrance to Palolem beach, Dropadi serves reasonably priced drinks and average food. Go here for cheap drinks!

A Reverie

A Reverie is a small but beautifully arranged, subtly lit restaurant run by ex-Taj Group people. They have a small but varied menu serving French and European cuisine.


This is one of the better eating places in the Anjuna area and serves Italian, European and Russian cuisine.



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