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restaurantEating and drinking are two inseparable passions of Goans, and those who care, occupy much of their leisure time enjoying generous copitos of feni or preparing one of their fabled dishes. Goa is famous for its distinctive cuisine that boasts of delicacies like the tangy pork vindaloo, spicy sorpotel and the ever popular Goan fish curry rice.

In addition to serving some of the best and freshest seafood in India, Goa offers you all popular cuisines you could ever crave for. Bon Apetit!

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If you want a night replete with food and action, head straight for Fiplees.
This 5-year-old restaurant located just before Majorda Beach Resort, is set amidst a sprawling garden, flanked by palm trees, with open spaces all around.
This elegant bar with restaurant down by the River Sal is a good place for guzzling beer along with the very good food available here.
678 results - showing 676 - 678
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Featured Restaurants & Bars

On The Rocks

If you looking for a place just to relax, drink, eat and just have fun, then you should head to On The Rocks - a lounge bar sprawled on the famous Baga Beach.

Aunty Maria

The 24-hour coffee shop at Hotel Fidalgo serves fresh home-made breads, cakes, chocolates and cookies. You can visit this coffee shop for quick bites late at night when most restaurants are closed.



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