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restaurantEating and drinking are two inseparable passions of Goans, and those who care, occupy much of their leisure time enjoying generous copitos of feni or preparing one of their fabled dishes. Goa is famous for its distinctive cuisine that boasts of delicacies like the tangy pork vindaloo, spicy sorpotel and the ever popular Goan fish curry rice.

In addition to serving some of the best and freshest seafood in India, Goa offers you all popular cuisines you could ever crave for. Bon Apetit!

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Our Shack
You may ask, what’s so special about a shack?" Well we all need a beach to unleash our imaginations and a shack on the beach is a perfect place to free your thoughts and ideas. Let those liberated dreams bounce off the walls, morph...
Set on five beachside acres in Ashwem, Bardo epitomizes international luxury and Goan ease. Dine on global beach cuisine at the 150-seater restaurant. Rejuvenate at the in-house spa or spend a sun-kissed day by the 100-foot pool. Watch the sun set with the sea...
Cafe Lilliput
On the borders of South and North Anjuna the Lilliput café (founded 1986) is one of the original restaurants, bars and beach clubs catering to the traveller in Goa. Just down from the flea market, it's perched right on the beach and offers one...
Big Banana
Hill Top
Des­erted by day, this place comes alive after nightfall, and is famous for its legendary New Year rave parties that go on for over three-four days and nights without break.
678 results - showing 31 - 35
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The Barista Lavazza Espresso Bar provides a comfortable place for people to unwind over interesting conversations and a cup of coffee. You can choose anything from hot coffees to cold coffees, freshly brewed teas, and sundaes. The coffee options include Italiano, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, and Mocha.


Chocolatti, a coffee shop started by Nazneen Sarosh and Ricardo Rebelo, offers excellent home-made chocolates, cookies, brownies and cakes.


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