Entertainment society of Goa to give awards in Goans' names

PANAJI: The Entertainment society of Goa (ESG) is looking at forming a trust which will constitute awards in the name of Goans who have made immense contributions to Indian cinema. The awards relating to various aspects of cinema will be handed over each year from 2013 to Indians who have done similar service to Indian films.

"The contribution of Goans to various aspects of Indian cinema is noteworthy. Pandurang Naik was known to be the most indigenous cameraman and introduced top lighting for the first time in Indian films.

Dattaram, Anthony Gonsalves, K Vaicunth, Banudas Divkar, N Dutta have all contributed to music and other technical aspects of cinema tremendously. The ESG will form a trust and the awards will be given in the name of these Goans each year in the field of thier expertise," ESG vice-chairperson Vishnu Wagh said.

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