New Iffi section gets huge response

PANAJI: Iffi 2012's latest addition titled Soul of Asia: Cinema and mysticism, has struck a chord with the audience this year. With packed auditoriums and animated Q&A sessions, the section aims to represent the diverse philosophies in Asia. "The soul of Asia section is a platform for positive films. With the amount of materialism around us, everyone is on a journey inwards," shared Meera Diwan, the curator of this section.

Directors Aryana Farshad and David Grubin are in the state for their soul of Asia film screenings.

"I am not a Buddhist, but all of us can learn from the ancient traditions and wise practices it offers," said award winning filmmaker, David Grubin of his film Buddha. "There are 1,000 ways to bow and touch the ground," Grubin said, quoting the Sufi poet Rumi.

"We are obsessed with the body, when we should actually be striving for a proper balance between body and soul," said Aryana Farshad. Her film Mystic Iran- The unseen world showcases the lesser-known spiritual image of Iran. Showcasing the underground communities of women dervishes, Zoroastrian rituals and the women's chamber in the mosque at Qom, the film is a journey that Farshad makes to change the how the West perceives her country.

Suppression is the reason for the brilliant films that come out of Iran. If you push a seed into the ground, a beautiful flower will bloom," Farshad said. There are close to 300 women filmmakers in Iran, she added.

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