Government creates 250 posts for music trainers in schools

PANAJI: The cabinet has approved the creation of 250 posts for music trainers and accompanists in the department of art and culture over the next three years. The music trainers and accompanists are to be deputed to various schools to impart music education.

Chief minister Manohar Parrikar told mediapersons after the meeting that this fulfils another assurance he gave in his last budget speech.

Parrikar, in his budget speech, had proposed that music teachers in schools working under the scheme promoted by the directorate of art and culture will be placed under appropriate pay scale as per their qualification and given proper workload. Now adequate funds have been provided for this purpose and the posts of music trainer and accompanist will be created in the directorate of art and culture to depute them in various schools to conduct music classes.

Accordingly, 250 posts of music trainers, 250 posts of accompanists will also be recruited in a phased manner spread out over the next three years as per the requirement workload assessment. In 2012-2013, 50% posts will be created, 25% in 2013-14 and the balance in the year 2014-15.

Under the government scheme, grants are given to educational institutions to impart cultural education by way of conducting regular classes in performing arts, that is, music, dances, etc. The schools are at liberty to engage the services of one music teacher and one accompanist that is one senior teacher and one accompanist who assists the senior music teacher. The scheme for aided schools was started in the year 2001and the same was made applicable for government schools in the year 2008. Presently, the scheme is being implemented in 218 schools. Most of these are music teachers and accompanists working under the scheme for over ten years for mere remuneration.

The government acknowledges that these teachers and accompanists are instrumental in providing value-based education in the field of music and dance for the school students.

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