Documents on state's dance culture wins international award

PANAJI: A new documentary based on Goa's age-old dance culture has killed two birds with one stone. Apart from saving a number of dances from certain extinction, the documentary has managed to garner an award at a prestigious international short film festival.

Dances of Goa, a short documentary by Lotus Films and TV Production, is a projection of Goa's oldest and lesser known dances, such as Zemaado or Bhonvaddo. Thirteen dances, originating in various parts of Goa, are showcased in their original form and performed by the locals themselves. The documentary, produced by Fomento and Cidade de Goa, garnered the 'audience award' at Bulgaria's film festival In The Palace. It was also selected for the International Festival of Films on Tribal, Art & Culture 2013, Bhopal.

"The idea is to project how Goa was once upon a time. These dances were dying, so we needed to record it. This as a great way of reaching out to youth, those in Goa and the diaspora," director Nalini Sousa said at a conference on Saturday.

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