Patoianchem festival promises rich rice fare

PANAJI: No chief guest, no competition and no prizes, no alcohol, no plastic. But lots of rice dishes, other food and entertainment will mark the eco-friendly Pattoleanchem Fest on Thursday, August 15, 2013 at Socorro.

Rice will be the theme this year and 20 dishes will be cooked, displayed in a stall and served to the public. "This will also include a recipe competition and recipes will be distributed later to those who want them," Mario Fernandes, one of the organizers said.

The low-cost festival, promoting only local talent, will try to throw light also on the medicinal uses of rice.

Parish priest of Socorro church, Fr Santana Carvalho said the traditional Goan foods such as rice, curry, pudde, patolleo or patoio, pez will be served on a banana leaf and jackfriut leaves.

A skit to encourage people to take up agriculture and seeking to explain the traditional methods of rice farming will be held at the festival.

The few key players, who had organized the same festival in Pomburpa and Salvador do Mundo in the past hope to draw a good response this year and have invited legislators, too.

The second multi-cultural festival organized under the banner of Socorro socio-art and cultural association, Porvorim will commence with a mass and procession of Our Lady of Assumption with a brass band at 8.30 am on Socorro church grounds followed by the Independence Day programme at 10.30am.

The Pattoleanchem Fest will afford an opportunity to local youth to showcase their talents while many award winners will sing at the event. Mandos, dekhni, Konkani skits and group dances are expected to offer a kaleidoscope of entertainment to the crowd.

Fernandes said potters, painters, carvers, weavers and others will display their work.

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