Filmmakers overlook money constraints to pursue passion

PANAJI: Filmmaking is like a drug for filmmakers who are passionate about it, was the view expressed by Mauritian director Harrikrishna Anenden while speaking on the sidelines of the International Film Festival of India (Iffi) 2012.

Anenden, whose film 'Children of Troumaron' screened at Iffi 2012 said "filmmaking is like a drug, it's a disease. It's a microbe in your blood".

The director, who has made over 60 documentaries for the United Nations on various health issues such as malaria, tuberculosis, childbirth mortality and AIDS, has produced the feature film with his own finances.

He said lack of finances did create difficulties for him while making the film, but stated that he "was happy with the film".

"I could not shoot a rain scene for the end of film as I did not have the money to do it. It was difficult to make the film, but we are happy," said Anenden.

Terming his film as "a product of love", Anenden said it took two-three years to finish the script having made 15-16 versions of it. The film is based on a 2006 fiction novel, but Anenden said when he went to shoot it, he realized that "the story was a reality that did exist".

Giving an insight into filmmaking in Mauritius, France-based Anenden said Mauritius had almost no film industry and most actors in the country were not professionals. He observed that it was difficult to make films there as there was no state help or financial support available. Anenden cited eminent Indian filmmaker Satyajt Ray as an inspiration for him. He felt "what a director wants to show the audience dictates his style".

Canadian actress and director Ingrid Veninger, who like Anenden has made her film with her own finances, opined that with the technology and resources available today, she "believes nothing is impossible".

Veninger, whose film 'I am A Good Person/I am a Bad Person' is part of the festival package of films, said she does this as "when a filmmaker makes a film with money from a production house, there are expectations from the film", whereas she prefers to "make films in a fearless way" which may cause the film to lose money.

Veninger said she has acted in movies featuring noted Hollywood actors Meryl Streep and Stellan Skarsgard among others, and also disclosed that she has made some of her films with only a two person crew consisting of a cameraman and sound technician.

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