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Marathi stars light up festival start

PANAJI: The sixth edition of the Goa Marathi film festival was kicked off at the Kala Academy in Panaji on Friday evening in the presence of several top Marathi actors.

PANAJI: Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackarey will inaugurate the annual Goa Marathi film festival in a star-studded ceremony at Kala Academy on Friday. The three-day festival will feature the screening of 17 films, carefully hand-picked to play to the strengths of the Marathi film industry.

PANAJI: The Campal residents association has defended the collection of donations by association from line producers and refuted claims by the line producers that the association was extorting money from them.

PANAJI: Goa is rapidly shedding its distinction of being a "film shooting-friendly" spot, losing out to exotic, inexpensive locales like Sri Lanka and Bangkok, claimed the All-Goa Line Producers' Association (AGLPA). "Film crews earlier making a beeline to Goa to capture its idyllic beaches and colourful culture are now being driven away by the exorbitant fees and countless permission licenses demanded by the municipalities and government bodies," Sandeep Kotecha, president of ALGPA, told mediapersons here on Wednesday. "Goa is now a virtually inaccessible location for small-budget, documentary and film festival flicks," he added.

Now, win Rs 1 lakh for drama, tiatr contests

PANAJI: There's some good news for stage artistes in Goa as the prize money for drama and tiatr competitions has been hiked to one lakh.

PANAJI: Federation of Film Fraternity of Goa (FFFG) on Wednesday condemned the attack by the bouncers on social activist Dr Oscar Rebello during the shooting of film 'Mango' and demanded a ban on all film shootings of outside producers till proper rules and guidelines are framed.

PANAJI: The sixth Marathi Film festival is slated to be held in Panjim between 28 and 30th of June, 2013. 15 carefully selected and widely acclaimed Marathi films will be screened across three major venues in Panjim — Kala Academy, Maquinez Palace and Inox.

World Music Day on June 21

On World Music Day, June 21, Kala Academy, Panaji, will provide musicians a platform to perform Indian as well as western music. Artistes will be given five minutes to put up vocal and instrumental performances.

PANAJI: Sachin Chatte will host the screening of a Japanese film titled 'Tokyo Story' on June 19, at 6.30pm, at Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts, Altinho-Panaji. The 132-minute film with English subtitles is directed by YasujiroOzu. 'Tokyo Story' is a story about a retired couple who on visiting their children in Tokyo feel alienated and ignored.

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