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Boat festival in Siolim on June 24

The Siolim Sao Joao Traditional Boat Festival & Cultural Organization will organize the annual boat festival on June 24 in front St Anthony's Church, Siolim, from 3.30pm onwards.

Shot in the arm for museums across state

PANAJI: Private parties who had set up museums three years ago and individuals, institutions and voluntary organizations seeking to professionally upgrade existing ones will receive financial assistance from the government under certain parameters.

Screening of Mazarello's film at Panaji

Filmmaker Sharon Mazarello will screen her short film in Konkani titled 'Cheddum ...The Girl' at 3pm at Maquinez Palace, Panaji, on May 23. The film has won an award at the national film festival at Bangalore in November 2012. Entry is free.

Five-day Shirgao zatra starts today

BICHOLIM: The countdown for the five-day Shirgao zatra has begun with the temple dedicated to goddess Lairai gaily decked up for the celebrations starting May 15. Devasthan members are busy readying the homkund (firewood arranged in a pyramid) where the main rituals will occur. A large number of dhonds (special devotees) have also begun arriving at the temple premises in preparation for their ritual walk on hot coals, which will occur late night on the first day of the zatra.

Bicholim: A few traditional artists, who engage in making idols of Lord Ganesh, have expressed disappointment over non-payment of their subsidies and have set a deadline of a week to the Goa handicrafts rural and small-scale industries corporation.

Konkan Fruit Fest-2013 to be held in Margao

PANAJI: The annual Konkan Fruit Fest traditionally held in the capital city of Panaji will be held at the BPS club in Margao this year. The konkan fruit fest-2013 will be held from May 10 to May12 .

Roseferns: The Tendulkar of Tiatr

Every now and then, someone of exceptional ability comes to dominate their field, but never has one person dominated a field so emphatically, and for so long, as Roseferns has in tiatr.

European film festival begins

PANAJI: The European Union film festival began at the Maquinez Palace auditorium in Panaji on Friday. This is the 3rd edition of the festival being organized in the state by the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) in association with the European Union delegation to India.

House pats 'Digant' producer, director

PORVORIM: The legislative assembly on Thursday congratulated the makers of 'Digant' - the first Konkani film to be screened at the Cannes international film festival.

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