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'Sankalpan Goa film festival'

Sankalpan Art Associates will organize its first festival of Goan films, Sankalpan Goa film festival, on December 29 and 30 at the new central library building, Patto-Panaji. Damodar Naik will inaugurate the film festival at 10.30am on December 29.

Mario Menezes will feature in Tiatr Academy of Goa's (TAG) monthly programme 'Kolakarak Bhett' (Meet the artiste) programme on December 22, at 4.30pm, at TAGs's conference hall, Campal Trade Centre, Campal-Panaji.

From Mountains to Mandovi

PANAJI: For some, it was deja vu. When Lou Majaw, the symbol of Shillong's rock tradition, took the stage at Panaji's Azad Maidan on Monday, most of the audience knew what to expect. What they didn't know was that like fine wine, he gets better with age. Clad in shorts and a red T-shirt which he later tore off, the 65-year-old rocker didn't disappoint, screaming his lungs out, trying Led Zeppelin-like antics with his guitarist, flying off the stage, and jumping on to chairs in the middle of his audience.

'Friday nite art bazaar' at Calangute

CALANGUTE: On every second Friday of the month, from 4pm to 11pm, the grounds of Castelo Vermelho, which houses Art Chamber - Galeria de Belas Artes at Gauravaddo in Calangute, will play host to 'The Friday nite art bazsar'. It is a non-profit event with the sole purpose to make available to the creative community and a space to showcase their work in an unconventional manner; and the aim is to make authentic art available at affordable prices, states a press note.

Majaw: Soon Goa will be a memory

PANAJI: For a small community in Shillong, Christmas falls in May. For 40 years now, Lou Majaw, the mascot of Shillong's celebrated rock culture, has celebrated Bob Dylan's birthday, slinging on a guitar and belting out the iconoclast musician's fare. Some years, nobody turned up.

Deusa group wins Mando fest award

PANAJI: The results of the 46th all Goa state-level mando festival organized by the Goa cultural and social centre have been declared. Team Goenchim Kirnnam from Deusa won the Mando Award.

'Additional 30 lakh for tiatr next year'

MARGAO: Promising to meet all the demands of the tiatr fraternity in Goa, art and culture minister Dayanand Mandrekar on Friday gave an assurance that the state government would make an additional provision of 30 lakh for tiatrists in next year's state budget. He was speaking at a function organized at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, to commemorate the 121st birth anniversary of 'Pai Tiatrist' Joao Agostinho Fernandes.

PANAJI: The stage is set for the third edition of the Goa Arts and Literary Festival, 2012, to be held in the city on Thursday with participation from acclaimed artistes, poets and writers.

Having created a niche for himself as an actor and singer, Jr Reagan has now ventured into the directorial field with the release of his third Konkani production 'Teddy Bear'.

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