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PANAJI: The cabinet has approved the creation of 250 posts for music trainers and accompanists in the department of art and culture over the next three years. The music trainers and accompanists are to be deputed to various schools to impart music education.

New Iffi section gets huge response

PANAJI: Iffi 2012's latest addition titled Soul of Asia: Cinema and mysticism, has struck a chord with the audience this year. With packed auditoriums and animated Q&A sessions, the section aims to represent the diverse philosophies in Asia.

PANAJI: The Entertainment society of Goa (ESG) is looking at forming a trust which will constitute awards in the name of Goans who have made immense contributions to Indian cinema. The awards relating to various aspects of cinema will be handed over each year from 2013 to Indians who have done similar service to Indian films.

PANAJI: Portuguese filmmaker Vicente Alves Do O is in Goa for the screening of his film Florbela at the 43rd International film festival of India (Iffi), but he has also brought with him an unexpected guest - worry that his country could be moving towards intellectual bankruptcy with 100% cut in finances to filmmakers in a nation where cinema is fully state funded.

Chess documentary wins hearts at Iffi

PANAJI: When British Indian documentary filmmaking couple Ian McDonald and Geetha J discovered the world of blind chess through a tiny newspaper report, they knew they had something incredible in hand.ii

PANAJI: Filmmaking is like a drug for filmmakers who are passionate about it, was the view expressed by Mauritian director Harrikrishna Anenden while speaking on the sidelines of the International Film Festival of India (Iffi) 2012.

'Konkani filmmakers don't have an industry'

PANAJI: Dnyanesh Moghe, Goa's sole claim to fame at this year's International Film Festival of India (Iffi) believes sheer determination can work wonders when producing cinematic brilliance. That his film would attract a huge audience on home ground was a given, but the reaction it received left Moghe stumped.

Pleas for state support to art films get louder

PANAJI: Yet another media interaction with directors of the Indian Panorama section revealed their discontent over the lack of state support in terms of funding and infrastructure for unconventional cinema.

Directors favour theatres for art house cinema

PANAJI: Directors of the Indian Panorama section at Iffi have emphasized the need to set up a separate chain of theatres showcasing art house cinema.

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