Petrol cheaper than onions in Goa

PANAJI/MARGAO: Petrol at 58 a litre is cheaper than a kg of onions in Goa.

PANAJI: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar, who had one-on-one meetings with entrepreneurs on Monday at the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (GCCI), Panaji, "resolved 3-4 issues on the spot", while giving other issues 10-15 days to be thrashed out.

PANAJI: They waited patiently for long hours until their turn came. Some chatted with each other weighing their chances of whether today's meeting would bring an end to their long agony of running from pillar to post to set their units in operation located at various industrial units.

PANAJI: Following the National Green Tribunal (NGT) order which stopped sand extraction in the country, the chairman of the district committee (North Goa) has sought advice from the government over the issue.

Now, Goa govt opens its doors to industry

PANAJI: Bowing to criticism that the BJP government is sluggish about opening up to industry and clearly seeing the writing on the wall with the mining industry shut and the economy in doldrums the state government on Monday opened its doors to industry yet again, offering the moon.

PANAJI: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday held a one-to-one interaction with entrepreneurs to find on-the-spot solutions to their problems in various industrial estates in the state.

PANAJI: The digging of earth in pits for ore has been replaced by digging activity in fields buried under a layer of mining slurry. Huge bulldozers and excavators are now giving way to tractors and ploughs.

Onion prices make buyers cry again

PANAJI: The price of a kilo of onions in the state capital's municipal market has shot up to 48-50 from 35 within a fortnight, literally bringing tears to people's eyes. There's some relief at the kiosks of the Goa horticulture development corporation, however, where a kilo of onions was selling at 41 on Saturday, compared to last Saturday's 30 a kilo.

PANAJI: Tourism department's attempt to compel private shack operators to remove or dismantle their shacks and huts erected on private properties has so far proved futile.

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