Sanjit Rodrigues, chairman of the Goa state infrastructure development corporation (GSIDC) and commissioner, corporation of the city of Panaji (CCP), feels it is time to take some "harsh measures" to save Panaji from the "urban decay and traffic paralysis" that have set in.

The master plan takes an aggressive approach when it comes to improving mobility through the traffic-clogged streets of Panaji.

Wed, 14 Aug 2013 11:21:43 AM IST

Little less conversation, a little more action

PANAJI: Plans will come and plans will go, but Panaji will always remain the same. This skeptical sentiment seems to be the general feeling of Panjimites, who have, in the past decade, seen a number of master plans promise a city free of traffic snarls, water scarcity, parking problems and that nasty, lingering garbage smell. 'Imagine Panaji', drawn up by architects from Spanish consultancy firm LKS, may by far be the best presented, but it certainly is not new, say experts.

Perhaps the most ambitious and extravagant part of the master plan, the 'Green and public spaces' segment envisions a number of convention centres, biodiversity parks, tourist attractions and other luxurious projects centered around the riverfront and other water bodies that traverse Panaji.

Realizing that the situation under the ground in Panaji is also quite chaotic, the plan calls for a complete re-organization of public utilities-sewerage lines, storm water drains, water supply, electric and telecommunication cables.

Borda: Imagine Margao! An exquisite building with great architectural value, steeped in history and standing modestly tall in the heart of the city's teeming heritage precincts arrayed with almost 80 other edifices of old vintage.

PANAJI: While the Panaji masterplan has received a largely positive response from residents of the city, their biggest concern remains the chaotic traffic situation, says engineer Mikel Oteiza from LKS India, the firm hired to draft the plan.

Mixed reactions to masterplan

PANAJI: The masterplan sparked mixed reactions from Panjimites and others who attended the presentation.

Draft masterplan unveiled for Panaji city

PANAJI: Imagine the run-down KTC bus stand complex being converted into a lush rooftop garden with a view of the entire city, or the arterial roads of Panaji being declared no-motor zones with rows of haphazardly parked vehicles replaced by fountains and lawns and cobblestoned walkways. The ambitious 'Draft Masterplan for the holistic development of Panaji city,' drawn up by a team of Spanish architects and engineers envisions all this and more.

PANJIM: The desire to control the way the capital city ~ Panjim develops, could lead to fireworks between the Corporation of the City of Panaji and the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation.

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