PANAJI: Goa's fertile khazan lands can become a food bowl for people for years to come if the lands are managed properly and old technology is blended with the new to evolve efficient mechanisms to manage the centuries-old system, Sandeep Nadkarni, chief engineer, water resources department, said.

'Tourism boosts human trafficking in Goa'

PANAJI: The tourism industry in the state has directly or indirectly contributed to the surge in human trafficking rackets in Goa.

Lokayukta to probe used cars sale scam

PANAJI: The state government has decided to refer the case of nexus between the police department, transport department officers, criminals and a private bank in the sale of used cars over to the Lokayukta for investigation.

KERI: Following complaints about dumping of garbage and other nefarious activities by picnickers who visit the Chorla Ghats, forests and environment Minister AlinaSaldanha along with principal chief conservator of forests Richard D'Souza, conservator of forests D Carvalho and range forest officer PareshPorob visited the area on Saturday.

Beaches vanishing owing to coastal erosion

PANAJI/MARGAO/CALANGUTE: Coastal erosion is a seasonal phenomenon, as nature chips into the shore during the monsoon and mostly returns what is lost, but the severe damage witnessed in some areas of the coast, especially, Colva, Miramar, Anjuna and Morjim raised a concern among locals, as the sea made deeper inroads in new spots along the coast.

SADA: It's raining garbage in the scenic landscape of Sada.

With no space to accommodate the daily dump of 40metric tonnes, heaps of waste can be seen crossing over the 3ft-wall of the cliff side-garbage treatment plant before plunging into the sea below. The excess waste also lies strewn across the roads.

Government clarifies its stand on drug menace

PANAJI: After the state government apprised the high court of Bombay at Goa that it is seized of the matter with regard to alleged rampant drug menace, HC on Wednesday decided not to take suomotu cognizance of illegal drug activities in the state.

SEZ developers pleas opposed in SC

PANAJI: Seeking dismissal of petitions filed by SEZ developers, the state government has pointed out before the Supreme Court that several irregularities were committed by the Congress government while allotting the SEZ land and also expressed apprehensions that the identity of Goa would be under threat due to migration of labour to work in SEZ.

'Force to reckon with' aim of Panaji meeting

MARGAO: With the intention to dispel any misconception that it is a movement only from South Goa, the Forum for Rights of Children's Education (FORCE) held its executive body meeting in Panaji on Monday. It was attended by 350 parents from North Goa, said members.

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