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PANAJI: Conservation of heritage and historical monuments in the state has received a boost as the Union ministry of culture has sanctioned 1,81,75,000 for protection of 13 of them, including churches, temples, mosques and forts during the year 2013-14.

Borda: Imagine Margao! An exquisite building with great architectural value, steeped in history and standing modestly tall in the heart of the city's teeming heritage precincts arrayed with almost 80 other edifices of old vintage.

PANAJI: Unregulated picking and selling of mushrooms from forest areas for commercial gains has raised a concern during every monsoon season, but the state has not thought of any mushroom pickers code or conservation measures, sources said.

PANAJI: Goans' craving for the mouth-watering culinary monsoon delight of termitomyces mushrooms has sent its prices soaring through the roof to record levels and raised fears of driving the protein-rich resource towards extinction.

OLD GOA: "Protect our livelihood" was the overwhelming feedback the archaeological survey of India (ASI) received on Monday as it met with stakeholders to discuss draft heritage bylaws to protect the World Heritage Site's churches and convents.

Temple attire: Desi tourists more 'skimpy'

PONDA: The usual suspects turn out to be better dressed and show better understanding than those expected to be prim and proper.

PANAJI: At the world heritage and pilgrimage site of Basilica of Bom Jesus at Old Goa, a national convention of Catholics from across the country will be held this year as a runner-up to the globally revered feast of St Francis Xavier.

PANAJI: The nine-day novena in preparation for the feast of St Francis Xavier at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa, a world heritage site that attract pilgrims from across the globe, could soon get a classy French touch.

PANAJI: On a sunny Tuesday morning, as the monsoon took a brief break, small groups of tourists trickled into the Basilica of Bom Jesus - mostly off-season Indian tourists, men and women modestly dressed - at Old Goa.

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