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PONDA: The ruins of a Lord Shiva temple carved on a single rock with a Shiva Linga in it and a gushing spring nearby lie neglected on a small hillock at Undir, Bandora, Ponda.

'Goa Heritage festival' gets underway

PANAJI: The four-day 'Goa heritage festival' got underway at Saligao on Thursday evening, on the occasion of 'World Heritage day', showcasing various facets of Goa's rich cultural heritage.

PANAJI: The forts at Alorna and Chapora will be taken up for conservation work this year, while other forts and monuments will taken up subsequently in a phased manner, chief minister Manohar Parrikar told the legislative assembly on Monday.

Govt assures restoration of crumbling forts

PANAJI: The state government's assurance of taking up at least two forts for restoration every year has raised hopes of protecting several crumbling citadels of yore, as there was a lull in activity after conservation of Reis Magos fort.

Unprofessional spas unchecked by government

PANAJI: Only 37 spas have registered with the health department while a rough estimate says there could be anything between 300-350 spas illegally operating in the state, said a source familiar with the business.

Society steadily degrading: Governor

MARGAO: Lamenting about the 'steady and incessant erosion of human values and standards in society', state governor Bharat Vir Wanchoo said that there is a need to identify problems facing our education system and issues including social issues that need solutions.

PANAJI: More than 30 heritage houses enhance the city's historic ambience, but most of these ground-plus one edifices housing small offices and private residences are structured with wooden parts and may be prone to fires.

Group works to protect Margao's heritage houses

MARGAO: Stating that there was a need for a strategy to preserve and maintain the city's heritage, a forum under the banner of 'Goenkaranchem Daiz' have vowed to work on an action plan to protect Margao city's heritage.

KERI: Three Jain archaeological and heritage sculptures, lying in neglect at Bandora in Marcaim constituency, were shifted to the state museum in Panaji on Wednesday.

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