Mickky scapegoat for CM to silence critics: NCP

PANAJI: Asserting that there's much more than what meets the eye over the arrest of tiatrist Francis de Tuem, Nationalist Congress Party alleged that the government's intention was to send a message of intimidation to all forums criticizing it.

Addressing mediapersons, party's chief spokesman Trajano D'Mello said, "Our party strongly believes that expression of speech should have some limits, but we question the charge of extortion under which the singer was arrested. He could not be arrested for defamation. As per our knowledge, the authority concerned had informed the home minister about the complaint and it is very well known that the singer is a harsh critic of the chief minister."

Stating that normally a procedure is followed which takes time, D'Mello said in this case, the singer was picked up from the place where he was about to perform on the same day. It is clear that the CM is trying to silence his opponents and is painting Pacheco as the black sheep. D'Mello said that the act was an assault on democracy or any law abiding citizen of the state.

NCP has condemned BJP spokesperson Wilfred Mesquita's statements that the government has no problem with dance bars in Goa. Reacting to the controversy over the new offshore casino, D'Mello said it is to be seen what explanation the CM minister will give over granting permission to the new, bigger vessel in the River Mandovi.

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