I will oppose dance bars: Lobo

PANAJI: Differing from party spokesperson Wilfred Mesquita's statement on dance bars, Calangute MLA Michael Lobo said that he will oppose dance bars if permissions are given by the government even as he refused to comment on the senior leader's comment.

Mesquita had spoken in favour of dance bars in Goa. Replying to mediapersons' queries on Monday in Panaji, the Calangute MLA initially said he would not make a comment on the statement made by the senior party leader. But, he later said, "I will object if permissions are given for dance bars in Goa."

Asked to comment on the drug trade, Lobo said he would see that no drugs are sold in his constituency in the upcoming season, while stressing that police should nab the 'stockist of drugs' rather than go after dealers alone.

Lobo said he was in favour of licences being issued to beach shacks for three seasons instead of just one season, as is the practice followed presently. He also said there are some practical issues that need to be resolved first. "Already, we have had two meetings with the chief minister on this issue and the third one will follow soon," Lobo said, insisting that 90% of the total shacks should be reserved for traditional beach shack operators.

Presently, 90% of the total shacks are allotted to experienced shack operators and the remaining 10% are given to newcomers. Also, allotment is done through a draw of lots. He said the issue that has to be settled first is how many shacks should be left or reserved for allotment to traditional shack operators if validity of licences is extended for a period of three years.

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