Mayor petitions CM over shifting of govt offices to Patto

PANAJI: Mayor Surendra Furtado has written to chief minister Manohar Parrikar, asking for his support to shift all government offices out of Panaji to Patto plaza, in a bid to reduce parking hassles within the city.

In a letter addressed to Parrikar on Tuesday, Furtado described the peak hour traffic snarls and parking space-crunch on the streets of Panaji due to the increasing population as well as increase in the number of tourists visiting the capital.

He informed the chief minister of the resolution passed during the ordinary meeting of the CCP on August 31, to increase the off-street parking spaces by making it compulsory for commercial and residential complexes being constructed in Panaji city to have sufficient provisions for parking. "I request you to pass a resolution in the next earliest cabinet meeting to shift all the government offices from Panaji to EDC Plaza, at Patto and to lay the foundation stone of the same and also to earmark sufficient land for the purpose at the earliest possible so that construction can be completed within three years during your tenure," Furtado said in his letter, drawing a reference to the new South Goa collectorate complex in Margao that houses all district government offices.

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