‘Insider’ abetting illegalities in new market, alleges Margao civic body dy chief

MARGAO: The vice chairperson of Margao Municipal Council, Ms Pratima Coutinho, on Friday, alleged that "an insider is abetting the illegalities in the new market," even as the chairperson, Mr Arthur D’Silva has promised stern action against the violators.

Ms Coutinho, speaking to this daily, after carrying out a joint inspection along with Mr D’Silva and a delegation of New Market Vyapari Sanghatana, Margao, led by its president, Mr Devidas Borkar, said that "the illegalities inside the market cannot be carried out without the support and blessings of an insider from Margao Municipal Council be it the market inspectors or somebody else. We will get to the bottom of it and take necessary action."

She said that the involvement of money and collections from the shopkeepers cannot be ruled out, adding that the civic body requires more market inspectors to crackdown on illegalities and requested the chief officer and chairperson to act sternly against those guilty.

Mr D’Silva said action will be initiated against the shopkeepers, who have illegally put shutters and have encroached outside the space allotted to them.

He said the shutters have been installed overnight, adding that the Vyapari Sanghatana wants the market closed after 11 pm

He said that MMC has been cracking down on illegalities from time to time, and added they will come down heavily on such illegal activities.

Earlier, a delegation led by Mr Borkar called on Mr D’Silva and complained to him about the illegal activities being carried out inside the new market complex and demanded action against the illegalities.

He also demanded that the market be kept closed after 11.30 p.m.

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