Govt to acquire land on Saligao-Calangute hill

PANAJI: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday directed the department of science, technology and environment to initiate land acquisition proceedings for about 93,978 square metres land on the Saligao-Calangute hill, where a garbage treatment plant for North Goa coastal villages is planned.

VASCO: Though the saptah fair commenced on Tuesday after a delay of one day, around 300 traditional vendors returned with their material to their hometowns and others parts of the state they had come from.

PANAJI: Mayor Surendra Furtado has written to chief minister Manohar Parrikar, asking for his support to shift all government offices out of Panaji to Patto plaza, in a bid to reduce parking hassles within the city.

PANAJI: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar, who had one-on-one meetings with entrepreneurs on Monday at the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industries (GCCI), Panaji, "resolved 3-4 issues on the spot", while giving other issues 10-15 days to be thrashed out.

PANAJI: They waited patiently for long hours until their turn came. Some chatted with each other weighing their chances of whether today's meeting would bring an end to their long agony of running from pillar to post to set their units in operation located at various industrial units.

Mickky scapegoat for CM to silence critics: NCP

PANAJI: Asserting that there's much more than what meets the eye over the arrest of tiatrist Francis de Tuem, Nationalist Congress Party alleged that the government's intention was to send a message of intimidation to all forums criticizing it.

PANAJI: Ridiculing chief minister Manohar Parrikar, NCP said that while he had assured to assess his ministers by July-end, some of his ministers were already making statements against the functioning of departments held by the chief minister himself.

PANAJI: The council for social justice and peace (CSJP) has objected to the Goa state infrastructure development corporation (GSIDC) drawing up the master plan for the development of Panaji, claiming that it is an infringement of the democratic rights of the Corporation of the city of Panaji (CCP). The church body also stated that the draft plan should be made easily available to the concerned citizens for scrutiny and suggestions.

PANAJI: The state government is dragging its feet over signing a landmark agreement that will give them the rights to host one round of the FIM Motocross World Championship.

Now, Goa govt opens its doors to industry

PANAJI: Bowing to criticism that the BJP government is sluggish about opening up to industry and clearly seeing the writing on the wall with the mining industry shut and the economy in doldrums the state government on Monday opened its doors to industry yet again, offering the moon.

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