PANAJI: Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackarey will inaugurate the annual Goa Marathi film festival in a star-studded ceremony at Kala Academy on Friday. The three-day festival will feature the screening of 17 films, carefully hand-picked to play to the strengths of the Marathi film industry.

KERI/BICHOLIM: The agitation inside a canal of the Tillari irrigation project is turning into a face-off between the Congress-led Maharashtra government and the BJP-led Goa government.

Shiv Sena to contest 25 seats in polls

The Shiv Sena state chief Ramesh Naik on Tuesday said that they will contest 25 seats in alliance with the newly formed Bhim Sena for "the welfare of poor and down trodden sections and Bahujan Samaj".

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