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Acron Developers Pvt Ltd
Acron Developers Pvt Ltd, a leading developer of residential properties, offers the discerning home-buyer a selection of apartments, detached and semi-detached villas in low-rise, low-density and purely residential developments with gardens, swimming pools, club-houses and other recreational amenities at quiet, peaceful locations away from...
Riviera Constructions Pvt Ltd
Riviera Constructions, headed by Agnelo M. Braganca, has created elegant living spaces at fine locations in Goa. Riviera also owns Riviera de Goa Resort and Resort Lagoa Azul.
Prudential Group
Prudential Group is one of the fastest growing premier construction firms in Goa. All Prudential properties are set amidst scenic and serene surroundings, offering you that very special place you want to relax after a busy day at work or just to escape from...
Akar Creations Private Limited
Akar Creations, a leading real-estate developer in Goa, has been a significant player in the emergence of Margao as the commercial and financial hub of Goa. Our homes, shops, showrooms and offices have transformed the skyline of Goa and enabled thousands of people to...
Gera Developments Pvt Ltd
Gera Developments, creators of premium residential and commercial projects, is one of the pioneers of the real estate business in Pune. Our commitment to quality since 1950 has earned us the trust of future customers, and most importantly the satisfaction of past customers. ...
9 results - showing 1 - 5
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Featured Residential Properties

Field view luxury villa for sale in Candolim, North Goa
Price:  INR 62,500,000
Mobile: +91.9560455681
Luxury villa for sale at Jia, Candolim, North Goa
Price:  INR 35,000,000
Mobile: +91.9560455681
3 BHK Luxury villa with Mandovi river view for sale at Ribandar, North Goa
Price:  INR 32,500,000
Mobile: +91.9560455681
Tropical style, contemporary luxury villa for sale in Acasa Parra, North Goa
Price:  INR 55,000,000
Mobile: +91.9560455681
Mangrove view luxury villa for sale in Nerul, North Goa
Price:  INR 70,000,000
Mobile: +91.9560455681
Portuguese Country Estate for sale in Thivim, North Goa
Price:  INR 90,000,000
Mobile: +91.9560455681
Luxury villa with Mandovi river view for sale at Belmont Villas, North Goa
Price:  INR 57,500,000
Mobile: +91.9560455681

Featured Projects

Aldeia de Goa
 @ Bambolim, North Goa
PriceRs. 1.5 to 16 Crores
Villas @ Ribandar, North Goa
PriceRs. 3.50 to 15 Crores

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