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PIOs under ED scanner for buying agri land

PANAJI: After foreigners, it is now persons of Indian origin (PIO) who are under the enforcement directorate (ED) scanner for purchasing land in Goa. ED has begun issuing show cause notices to around 70 PIOs for violations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) when purchasing agricultural land in the state.

MARGAO: Alleged irregularities in a construction project dominated the proceedings of the gram sabha of the Nuvem village panchayat held on Sunday with gram sabha members demanding an explanation from the panchayat over its failure to revoke the NOC given for the project.

MLA opposes govt's hike in rate for real estate

Calangute: Calangute MLA Michael Lobo of the BJP has strongly opposed the order by the revenue department increasing the minimum rates for property prices in Goa.

PANAJI: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) lashed out at the state government for increasing the infrastructure tax which it said has made housing unaffordable for Goans.

PANAJI: The government is working out a mechanism to stop dumping of debris along highways.

Old Goa locals say no to mega projects

PANAJI: Old Goa's heritage edifices have been almost overshadowed by high rise buildings. But after a long time, the villagers found their voice to say no to mega projects in the former capital of Goa.

Cansaulim locals discuss construction licenses

CANSAULIM: A gram sabha of Cansaulim-Arossim-Cuelimpanchayat hailed the panchayat body for deciding not to issue construction licences to commercial projects and multi-dwelling units, as the village has no holding capacity and it would be a burden on the basic amenities of water, power supply and waste management.

Sao Jose de Areal says no to mega projects

MARGAO: Residents of Sao Jose de Areal, at the gram sabha of the village panchayat held on Sunday, unanimously adopted a resolution to oppose any mega construction project proposed to be built in the village on the grounds that migrant population occupying these projects will result in outnumbering the dominant tribal population of the village and strip the village of its primarily rustic character.

33 more properties under ED scanner

PANAJI: About 33 more properties owned by European nationals in Goa have come under the scanner of the enforcement directorate (ED). ED, last week, issued about 24 show-cause notices to British, German and Italian nationals for violations of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) while purchasing properties in Goa.

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