Builder asked to show cause for tarring road

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MARGAO: After several residents complained to the Margao Municipal Council about parking problems caused due to a blocked public access, MMC chief officer Deepali Naik issued a show cause notice to the builder for discrepancies that include tarring a road on land belonging to the MMC.

The MMC had carried out an inspection in the presence of representatives of the builder on June 27.

Locals had complained earlier this month that a public access situated near the BPS Club, had been blocked by erecting a gate and as a consequence the access of public towards the hill top had been blocked. The builder pointed out that they had removed the gate and part of the compound wall blocking the access. Locals had also complained to the traffic department regarding that vehicles were being parked in front of their residences.

"It is observed that the access belong MMC has been tarred by the builder/developer. Space shown on the approved plan for car parking is not available as it has been utilized for installation of transformer," reads the inspection report signed by Naik.

The report containing further discrepancies has also been forwarded to the South Goa planning and development authority for further action.

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