Cansaulim locals discuss construction licenses

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CANSAULIM: A gram sabha of Cansaulim-Arossim-Cuelimpanchayat hailed the panchayat body for deciding not to issue construction licences to commercial projects and multi-dwelling units, as the village has no holding capacity and it would be a burden on the basic amenities of water, power supply and waste management.

The panchayat recently decided to bar such projects, as the villagers had in the past repeatedly demanded that the pristine character of the village with its green outlook and heritage houses be maintained. The members said that the villagers have a right to live with dignity in tune with ecology and environment and ecology, as per the constitution.

A member, Godfrey Correia, brought to the notice of the gram sabha that the earlier panchayat body had filed a false affidavit before the high court of Bombay at Goa, stating that a site for waste management had been identified.

Sarpanch Josita Cardozo who chaired the meeting informed the members that the site had been now identified in an uninhabitated area of 3,000sq m under survey no 80/1 of the comunidade of Cuelim. The proposal is to only handle dry garbage.

The issue of a multi-dwelling project coming up at Praial Baga ward was also discussed. The project has allegedly violated CRZ rules. The additional director of panchayats had written to the Cansaulim panchayat to renew the construction licence, which had lapsed earlier.

The members urged the panchayat to send a request to the director of panchayats that they cannot renew it as the licence had lapsed.

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