Old Goa locals say no to mega projects

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PANAJI: Old Goa's heritage edifices have been almost overshadowed by high rise buildings. But after a long time, the villagers found their voice to say no to mega projects in the former capital of Goa.

The members at the Sunday gram sabha chaired by Sarpanch Vishal Volvoiker discussed the issue for quite some time. Though the damaging impact of huge buildings in the vicinity of heritage monuments was not discussed, the villagers complained about the burden on infrastructure, parking problems and lack of waste management in the area.

The members were aggrieved by the issue of parking on some of the narrow roads, especially near Gandhi circle. The vehicles of customers visiting the bank, eateries and an exhibition hall are parked on the road, obstructing the flow of traffic in the area.

The members were sore over the shortage of water for domestic needs. A water tank has been constructed on the Kadamba plateau, but it is yet to be inaugurated. The residents of a colony on the plateau, who had purchased plots and constructed houses bitterly complained about lack of water connections. "We had to rely on water tankers all these years," they said.

The garbage problem generated some heat, as it is being dumped at Bainguinim. Corporation of the city of Panaji (CCP) has raised objections to it, as it has taken possession of the land for setting up a plant. The Old Goa panchayat body had opposed the project, stating that it is against the use of the place for bringing in waste from other areas.

Volvoikar informed the members that the panchayat is looking for a suitable site. Earlier, two sites had been chosen, but the Goa state pollution control board had not approved them. A resolution was finally adopted against the mega projects and housing colonies.

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