Nuvem locals want real estate project NOC revoked

  • Published in Real Estate

MARGAO: Alleged irregularities in a construction project dominated the proceedings of the gram sabha of the Nuvem village panchayat held on Sunday with gram sabha members demanding an explanation from the panchayat over its failure to revoke the NOC given for the project.

Villagers, at the meeting, pointed out that the project promoters had failed to submit the required documents to the panchayat pertaining to the approvals obtained from the Town and country planning (TCP) department and therefore demanded that the panchayat should revoke the NOC.

As sarpanch, Ruben Costa, attempted to defend the panchayat's "inaction", Nuvem MLA Francisco 'Mickky' Pacheco, who was present at the meeting, explained to the gram sabha members that the panchayat cannot just revoke the NOC when the project has in place all other statutory approvals.

However, he suggested that any irregularities observed in the project may be asked to be rectified by the panchayat. Pacheco also suggested that in case of big constructions in the future, the panchayat may invite suggestions and objections from the locals and the same be submitted to the concerned government authorities for their perusal. Costa, however, reassured the gram sabha that the project file is being studied by the panchayat.

Responding to a demand for a playground in the village, Pacheco informed the villagers that land at Fatepur, Nuvem, is proposed to be acquired by the government for a playground and assured them that "one of the best grounds" will come up on the land. Issues pertaining to garbage problems, farmers' concerns, etc were also discussed at the gram sabha.

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