PANAJI: The government is working out a mechanism to stop dumping of debris along highways.

Hurt real estate sector reeling under sand bans

MARGAO: The construction industry in Goa is reeling under a double whammy-an economic slowdown-infused buyer's market and a debilitating shortage of construction material, especially sand.

Govt introduces bill to hike infrastructure tax

Porvorim: The Goa Tax on Infrastructure (first amendment), Bill 2013 introduced in the Goa assembly on Monday seeks to hike the infrastructure tax for residential and commercial units. Additional areas are also proposed to be included in the definition of "built up area". The Act provides for levy of infrastructure as per the floor area of the building.

PANAJI: Building a dream house in Goa would now be further costlier, as the department of mines, in its notification a week ago, has decided to hike the royalty amount payable by minor mineral miners by ten times the market value.

Sun, 16 Dec 2012 10:10:08 AM IST

'Rules changed for builders'

PANAJI: Building laws, regulations and definitions are being deviously changed by the government to favour builders. This was stated by architect Hyacinth Pinto, citing examples of how balconies are increasingly enclosed to increase FAR and setbacks reduced to 1 mt.

Sun, 23 Dec 2012 06:06:24 AM IST

Construction industry in doldrums in Goa

PANAJI: Stating that the construction industry has been in the doldrums in the state, stakeholders in the industry have sought some corrective measures to bring about turnaround.

PANAJI: Deletion of a clause in Goa land development and building construction regulations 2010, as suggested by the Indian institute of architects (IIA), Goa, which restricts the use of commercial space for residential purpose to only 5%, has kicked off a row with a section of professionals alleging it would further burden the inadequate infrastructure.

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