MARGAO: Minister for panchayats Laxmikant Parsekar on Tuesday called upon village panchayats to check the rise in illegal constructions in the rural areas, even as he advocated the need for regularization of illegal constructions on community lands.

MARGAO: "It's a well-planned conspiracy aimed at stifling the voice of the tiatrists. In my tiatr I have portrayed the ills of the government and its policies and that has not gone down well with a section of politicians. And with the kind of good response the tiatr is receiving from the tiatr lovers, they are afraid that my tiatr will cause damage to their political prospects ahead of the Loksabha elections."

Mickky scapegoat for CM to silence critics: NCP

PANAJI: Asserting that there's much more than what meets the eye over the arrest of tiatrist Francis de Tuem, Nationalist Congress Party alleged that the government's intention was to send a message of intimidation to all forums criticizing it.

MARGAO: As her tenure as South Goa zilla panchayat (ZP) chairperson completes a year, Nelly Rodrigues won't be stepping down and claims to have the support of her fellow ZP members.

A threat to the tiatr fraternity: Francis

PANAJI: Tiatrist Francis de Tuem, who was arrested on Friday on charges of extortion, said the arrest is a direct threat to the tiatr fraternity members who highlight what's happening in the socio-political arena on the performing stage.

If I'm guilty, I'll quit tiatrs, says Francis

MARGAO/VERNA: Judicial magistrate first class (JMFC) granted bail to tiatrist and singer Francis de Tuem in connection with a complaint lodged by Nuvem MLA Francisco 'Mickky' Pacheco on Saturday.

Francis de Tuem in Mickky's complaint, held

MARGAO/VASCO: While a packed hall was watching Roseferns' tiatr 'Que Sera Sera ... Zaumchem Zatelem', at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, on Friday afternoon, there was high drama taking place outside the gates of the theatre complex.

MARGAO: Alleged irregularities in a construction project dominated the proceedings of the gram sabha of the Nuvem village panchayat held on Sunday with gram sabha members demanding an explanation from the panchayat over its failure to revoke the NOC given for the project.

Colva panchayat's plans to fudge records foiled

PANAJI: Former power minister Aleixo Sequeira and Colva village panchayat are locked in a bitter battle over granting of an occupancy certificate to a hotel owned by Sequeira.

'Declare Siolim Sao Joao a state festival'

MAPUSA: Calangute BJP MLA Michael Lobo on Monday demanded that the government declare the traditional Sao Joao boat festival in Siolim as a state festival. But he found himself at the receiving end at the same function as the Goa Vikas Party (GVP) supremo Francis 'Mickky' Pacheco advised him to get it done through the local MLA and WRD minister Dayanand Mandrekar instead of going public with the demand.

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