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MARGAO: Following complaints of alleged hill cutting at Ambaji, Fatorda, the flying squad led by Salcete deputy collector and sub-divisional magistrate Santosh Sattardekar issued a show cause notice cum stop work order to the builder on Friday.

Warning signs for Goa in the Algarve experience

For the past decade, Goa comfortably surfed the crest of a nationwide property boom, fuelled by relatively low supply, and seemingly ceaseless demand from both inside and outside the state.

PANAJI: The Goa industrial development corporation, in its board meeting held last Friday, has finalized the transfer regulations for the transfer of plots. Earlier, cases of transfer of plots were decided by the board on a case-to-case basis, that left a lot of scope for manipulation.

PANAJI: The state government has constituted two committees to process the pending applications of foreign nationals for the purchase of property under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) rules.

MARGAO: A gram sabha of the Seraulim panchayat resolved to stop all commercial housing projects, as members were irked by the insufficient water and power supply in the village.

Mega projects irk Soccoro villagers

PANAJI: The issue of mega projects and their adverse impact on the people and the environment generated some heat at the gram sabha of Socorro-Bardez held on Sunday.

Uproar in Betalbatim over mega project

MARGAO: Betalbatim gram sabha witnessed an uproar over a mega housing project, even as the sarpanch assured agitated gram sabha members to scrap the project and return back the file.

Rachol locals say no to project near seminary

MARGAO: A housing project near the 400-year-old Rachol Seminary was vehemently opposed and a resolution to that effect was passed at the Rachol gram Sabha held on Sunday.

PANAJI: Building a dream house in Goa would now be further costlier, as the department of mines, in its notification a week ago, has decided to hike the royalty amount payable by minor mineral miners by ten times the market value.

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