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hotelsAlthough Goa is not renowned for its handicrafts, a vibrant market culture lures traders from all over India. While this sadly means that you are unlikely to take home much that is genuinely Goan, it also means that you can find almost anything from Kashmiri carpets to fabrics from Rajasthan, and carvings from Karnataka.

There are stylish boutiques featuring local artwork, exquisite silks, and a variety of antiques. You can shop for unusual home accessories and furniture sourced from all over India — from rattan loungers from Kerala to Rajasthani chests and tribal art.

For authentic Goan souvenirs, the government-run Craft Complex in Panjim stocks basic handicrafts from all over Goa.

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Sunaparanta - Goa Centre For The Arts
Sunaparanta-Goa Centre for the Arts is a non-profit arts education initiative of Dattaraj V. Salgaocar. It has the following broad aims and objectives: to preserve the artistic and legacies of Goa, to encourage, sponsor and promote innovative work in the visual arts, to serve...
24 results - showing 1 - 5
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Antiques, Art & Craft

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