Crime, Drugs & Legal Matters

Goa is essentially a safe destination for travellers even though in recent times, its reputation has taken a bit of a beating due to increasing incidents of crime.

If you have been a witness or a victim of a crime, you have an obligation to report it to the Police Control Room or dial 100. If it is a Cognizable Offence, your complaint will be called as the First Information Report (FIR). In case it is a Non-Cognizable Offence, you will be given a receipt of your complaint.


Child Abuse

The Goa Children’s Act of 2003 outlines the penalties for child abuse both physical and sexual which can result in being behind bars for anything between 3 and 10 years.

Crimes against women

There has been an increase in crime against women in the past couple of years. From time to time there are drugging episodes; hence it is not advisable to accept food or drinks from strangers.

While the Government of Goa has stepped up security patrols on some beaches, it’s still not a good idea for women to wander alone in dark stretches of a beach or isolated roads at night. It is also not advisable to hitch rides from strangers.


For a long time Goa was a place where you could indulge in all sorts of illicit drugs with relative ease – they were cheap, good quality, readily available and the risks were minimal.

Would-be users should not be lulled into a false sense of security in Goa; the drug laws in India are among the toughest in the world. If caught in possession, you would be fined and get up to 10 years rigorous imprisonment in jail. There is no bail for any drug offence, or any time off for good behaviour; you serve every day of the given sentence.

Smoking and Spitting

Smoking, chewing of tobacco and spitting is banned in all public places in Goa and attracts a fine. Though smoking is officially banned in restaurants, it is either loosely enforced or restaurants have separate non-smoking areas.

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