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There are a few beautiful springs, lakes and waterfalls in the interior regions of Goa, away from the coast. For those looking to get away from the crowds on the beaches, these provide for a very calm and soothing getaway.

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The magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfalls, located in Sanguem taluka, is perched in the high peaks of the Western Ghats and is a sight to behold especially in the monsoons when it is in full and furious flow. From a distance, the waterfall appears like streams...
A short 10-minute drive from the Arvalem Caves, the Arvalem Waterfalls are worth visiting in October after the monsoon when they cascade noisily through the surrounding trees. Through the dry winter the flow is reduced to a trickle.
The spring at Kesarval is located 22 kms away from Panaji, near the Verna plateau. There is dense undergrowth surrounding the site and above its gorge, the hills stretch out in the east and south. A little further down the slope of this ridge...
Mayem lake is the most famous lake in Goa and also one of the most popular tourist destinations on the itinerary of all the conducted sight-seeing tours. The lake is located in Bicholim taluka in north Goa, east of the market town of Mapusa....
4 results - showing 1 - 4

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