Travel & Safety Tips


  • The preferred season to visit Goa is from October to mid-February, and Goa is crowded and festive during this period. The temperature and humidity are bearable during these months.
  • Government appointed tour guides are available from reputed travel agencies.
  • When touring Goa, don’t just concentrate on the most known beaches and attractions. Goa has a large selection of smaller beaches with more privacy and guaranteed relaxation.
  • Cameras and video filming are prohibited in some tourist spots, so always check before you enter with such equipment.
  • Lifeguards are present at the beaches of Goa, and tourists should always speak to them and ensure the sea is safe for swimming. Do not swim out into the sea during the Monsoon season.
  • Rude as it seems, often the only way to get rid of a persistent tout, beggar, or con artist is to pretend they don't exist and continue along your way without pause.


  • Don’t be deceived by the apparent cheap rates of goods and services. Most often, prices are quoted way above the marked rates, and it would still appear to be very cheap because of the currency conversion rates. Check with reliable sources before embarking on a shopping trip or making any deals.
  • Always shop in government approved stores including emporiums and handicraft centres for good quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Offer 20 percent of the asking price when bargaining in small establishments. Be prepared to pay 40 to 50 percent of the original asking price.
  • Beware of roadside touts, as they are not appointed officially and may not be trustworthy.


  • Motor traffic circulation is on the left, and pedestrians should walk on the right.
  • Foreign nationals must have an International Driving Licence and should keep all travel and other relevant documents at hand.
  • Taxis and auto-rickshaws should be paid according to metered rates and if no metre is available, travellers should use the tariff card issued by the Directorate of Transport as a guide to recognise acceptable rates. These tariff cards are displayed inside the taxis.
  • If you are travelling on the train, don't leave your baggage unattended. You can clip it with a chain attached to the seat to foil most thieves.
  • Vehicles are not allowed on the beach.
  • Refrain from handing out money to beggars; these are almost always full-time professionals in search of easy money.

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