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Take a gastronomic tour of the Orient here at The Pan Asian located at the Vainguinim Valley Resort. The menu includes dishes inspired from travels in China, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.
With a breath taking view of Baga beach, Tito’s Courtyard restaurant is a gastronomist’s favourite. Tito's Courtyard also plays host to a number of local and international bands and musicians.
Wan Hao
Meaning "Welcome" in Chinese, Wan Hao is a speciality restaurant at the Goa Marriott Resort. Wan Hao is renowned for innovative Thai and Chinese delicacies.
Waterfront Terrace & Bar
Waterfront at the Goa Marriott Resort is fabled for its range of Mediterranean and Indian cuisines. The best time to experience the place is at night.
Whispers Of The Orient
Discover the ethnic flavors of the Far East? at the exquisitely decorated Whispers of the Orient at the Holiday Inn Resort. You can enjoy a wide range of Japanese, Thai or Chinese cuisine a la carte every night.
15 results - showing 11 - 15
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A narrow, tree-lined road from the Anjuna beach leads to this quiet, unpretentious Italian place, one of the better ones in Goa.


This is one of the better eating places in the Anjuna area and serves Italian, European and Russian cuisine.


Located very close to the entrance to Palolem beach, Dropadi serves reasonably priced drinks and average food. Go here for cheap drinks!



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