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Located at the end of Baga Beach, Britto's is where it's all happening in Baga. It's popular, it's big, it's lively and it offers excellent quality of Continental and Goan food.
If you are craving for authentic Goan cuisine or looking for bold flavours of seafood, come to Calamari Bathe & Binge. Our talented and experienced chefs serve mouth-watering meals using fresh ingredients along with your catch of the day. ...
Casa Lisboa, the main restaurant at the Royal Goan Beach Club at Haathi Mahal, is designed to give you a feel of a colourful Portuguese house. Casa Liboa serves both Continental and American breakfasts, concentrating on local fruits and juices.
Casandre, set in an old Goan house located on the Calangute Beach road, serves steaks, sizzlers and seafood.
A British-run alfresco restaurant, Cheeky Chapatti serves primarily European food but its dishes and pickles show the decided influence of Kerala.
92 results - showing 16 - 20
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Located very close to the entrance to Palolem beach, Dropadi serves reasonably priced drinks and average food. Go here for cheap drinks!


This is one of the better eating places in the Anjuna area and serves Italian, European and Russian cuisine.


A narrow, tree-lined road from the Anjuna beach leads to this quiet, unpretentious Italian place, one of the better ones in Goa.



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