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If you want a night replete with food and action, head straight for Fiplees.
Enjoy a good mix of Goan, Indian, Italian, Continental and Oriental cuisines at Flame. It's simple yet elegant decor and soothing lighting add magic to the dining experience.
Frangipani is an alfresco dining Barbeque & Grill restaurant at Sun Village. It serves a delectable variety of meats and seafood preparation including delicious Tandoori fare.
Food at Fusion at synonymous with various kinds of succulent steaks. Apart from steaks, you must try their Chicken or Fish Fusion.
Garden Cafe
Set amongst lush greenery by the outdoor pool at the Majorda Beach Resort, the Garden Cafe serves buffet breakfasts and moonlit dinners.
92 results - showing 31 - 35
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Located on the first floor of a 70-year-old refurbished Portuguese house, Peppers specializes in Goan and Portuguese cuisines. You can sit at the balcony, have a drink, nibble on some starters and enjoy some authentic Goan and Portuguese food.


Arguably the best place in Goa that serves Continental breakfast. This German-run all-day breakfast centre along the north bank of Baga River is known for its fresh-baked croissants, home-made cheeses and smoked kingfish with salads and tartar sauce.


Located very close to the entrance to Palolem beach, Dropadi serves reasonably priced drinks and average food. Go here for cheap drinks!



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