130 km of Konkan coast stretches along the state of Goa providing a wide range of choice in beaches to suit everybody's needs. There are unspoilt pristine stretches of sand for the solitude seeker and there are others that are jammed with people in every square foot of sand.

Taking the capital Panaji and the next major city Margao as base points, all the beaches can be visited in a stretch.

North from Panaji lies the famous Calangute beach. From here onwards to the northern tip of the state, swaying palms and shimmering sands stretch giving an enchanting sight. The further north, the emptier the beaches become.

The same can be said about the silvery sands, which stretch down southwards from Margao. Right from Colva, the famous silvery white sand beach, there is an uninterrupted continuity in beaches. The more you move south the emptier the beaches become.

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Candolim beach
Candolim and Sinquerim beaches, located immediately below Fort Aguada, are now almost entirely the domain of luxury hotels and package-tour companies. There is uninterrupted firm sand from here all the way to north to Baga and if you want a long beach walk, there...
Sinquerim beach
Sinquerim Beach is a small curve of sand dominated by the five-star Taj Holiday Village and Aguada Hermitage.
Anjuna beach
Anjuna is a five square mile enclosure nestling between the Arabian Sea and the Hill overlooking the beach. The beach is known for its swaying palms, soft sands, natural beauty and Wednesday flea market.
Vagator beach
Vagator beach, adjoining Anjuna, is secluded, crescent shaped and situated on the Caisua bay along the Chapora river basin, in the shadow of Chapora fort.
Baga beach
As compared to Calangute, Baga is quieter and also more isolated. Its scenic beauty, with the creek, the Retreat House perched on the hill and the lack of local tourist buses all have contributed to its unique beauty.
20 results - showing 1 - 5
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