Top 8 nude beaches in portugal

nude beaches in portugal

Portuguese have been practicing naturism since 1920. The endless coastline dotted with several surreal natural jewels is the major factor behind this ancient and enriching nudist lifestyle in Portugal.

Going off the clothes on the isolated beaches of Portugal will enable you to experience the raw nature from a quite close distance. Apart from experiencing the connection with scenic nature, the naturists learn here to accept their body types & skin color without any flickering thought process.

Well, the land of Portugal has plenty of beach areas where nudism is legally accepted but you must be aware of those pristine hidden beaches as well where nudism is tolerated without attaining an official demarcation as a nude-friendly area.

Make yourself apprised of the most prominent nude beaches of Portugal which are the gateway of seclusion, picturesque natural beauty and wide expansion of calmness.

Before stripping off your clothes at nude beaches of Portugal, learn about these certain rules & principles -:

To make the practicing of naturism more dignified and courteous in Portugal, the authorities liable for the maintenance of nude beaches determine a set of certain rules and etiquette. Take a quick view of them.

nude beaches in portugal 0
  1. Maintain the cleanliness and hygienic atmosphere at the beaches by avoiding littering there. Carry your towel to sit or lie on.
  2. The nudists should respect the privacy and personal space of their fellow nude beach visitors.
  3. Create a friendly atmosphere at the beach for shy or new practitioners of nudism.
  4. Staring at the bodies of fellow nudists, mocking them, commenting any bad words and doing any unwelcoming activity will not be tolerated at the nude beaches of Portugal.
  5. The nudists should not take any sexual advantage at the beaches.
  6. Urinating, bathing and spitting are completely prohibited on the nude-friendly beaches of this country.
  7. You can click pictures of nature, sea, marine creatures and cliffs etc but make sure no nudist is involved in your frame. Intentionally capturing any nudist without consent will be counted as an offense.
  8. Do not play loud music on the beach as it can bother the other nudists seeking solace here.
  9. Any verbal and physical violence will lead you to the punishment determined for public areas.
  10. Damaging the public washrooms, changing rooms and other facilities at the nude beaches will be recognized as a punishable offense by Portugal Authorities.
  11. Carry the required stuff with you while visiting the beach.

To experience the exceptional concept of nudism without being shy and hesitant, visit these Clothing Optional beaches of Portugal.

1. Praia da Bela Vista, Almada –

nude beaches in portugal 2

Being the first official nude beach in Portugal, Praia Da Bela Vista holds too much recognition and prominence among naked beach wanderers. This golden beach land is nestled between Costa da Caparica and Fonte da Telha in Almada and is frequently visited by well-clothed and naturists in bulk, especially during the peak summer season.

The golden stretch of the shoreline at Praia Da Bela Vista beach is enough for a long walk, relaxing separately, and picking a secluded corner for lounging on warm sand.

The surrounding giant cliffs loaded with rich vegetation behind the back of sandy shorelines captivate the minds of nature lovers. Some nice cafes and bars are available near the beach area to serve refreshing drinks combined with local delicacies of Portuguese culinary culture. You can add some adventure to your beach visit by trying hands at surfing, swimming and other water fun.

Places to visit near Praia da Bela Vista, Almada –

From museums to religious sites to historical monuments to vivacious market lanes, the visitors of Praia Da Bela Vista can explore Portugal through its major sightseeing points around the beach area.

nude beaches in portugal 3
  • Sanctuary of Christ the King-Portugal (14 km)
  • Praça do Comércio (23 km)
  • Frigate Dom Fernando II e Glória (16 km)
  • Padrão dos Descobrimentos (23 km)
  • Lisbon Cathedral (23 km)

Places to eat near PraiadaBelaVista,Almada-

Within a close circumference of this highly famed nude beach area, you can find a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants serving tempting food and stunning sea views. Visit these eateries to get the classic taste of Portuguese culinary expertise.

nude beaches in portugal 4
  • Cheers Sports Bar & Restaurant (14 km)
  • Mundi Green House (14 km)
  • Pe Chato (14 km)
  • Encanto (23 km)
  • A Rampa do Pragal (14 km)

Places to stay near PraiadaBelaVista,Almada-

Finely equipped with top-notch luxury and hospitality traits, the accommodations near the beach area will stun you with their prices as well as their advanced services. Here are some frequently booked hotels & resorts near Praia Da Bela Vista.

nude beaches in portugal 5
  • Mercure Lisboa Almada (13 km)
  • Almada Villa (14 km)
  • South Bay Apartments Lisbon (15 km)
  • Casa do Criativo Bed&Breakfast (15 km)
  • TRYP Lisboa Caparica Mar Hotel (6.3 km)

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2. Praia do Meco, Sesimbra –

nude beaches in portugal 6

The spectacular location and well-defined natural setting of Praia Do Meco beach draw the beach bums heavily towards it. Though the beach has both sections, one is designated for family-friendly activities and the other one is isolated for the naturists.

The stretched shoreline of Praia Do Meco is replete with shimmering sand and emerald water of the vast ocean. Besides the unparalleled beauty of the beach, the clear skylines make it even more enriching.

The fossil-rich cliffs and dense pine forests on the back of the seaside create a magnificent view for the naturists. The currents at the Praia Do Meco beach remain strong regularly and the waterline is also a bit steep. Therefore you must avoid swimming, surfing and other water activities here.

Stripping off your clothes and lying down on the beach to indulge in a book will be enough to pamper your mind & body on this gorgeous beach land.

Places to visit near Praia Do Meco, Sesimbra –

To know the history & rich culture of Portugal while staying close to Praia Do Meco beach, you must visit these renowned locations present in Sesimbra.

nude beaches in portugal 7
  • Capela do Espírito Santo dos Mareantes (11 km)
  • Moagem de Sampaio (9.6 km)
  • Fort of São Teodósio da Ponta do Cavalo (10 km)
  • Pegadas de Dinossauros (6.9 km)
  • Igreja de São Tiago – Igreja Matriz de Sesimbra (11 km)

Places to eat near Praia Do Meco Beach, Sesimbra –

The wish to relish the signature seafood items and other classic global cuisine while admiring the beach waves can not be overlooked. You can access these food places located very close to the beach area.

nude beaches in portugal 8
  • Onda Azul (900 meters)
  • Hangar do Peixe (4 km)
  • O Tropical do Meco (1.5 km)
  • Aukanaii Beach Bar (12 km)
  • O Carlos (700 meters)

Places to stay near Praia Do Meco, Sesimbra –

The proximity of nude friendly beach – Praia Do Meco is dotted with several lavish stay properties. You’ll find yourself dragged towards their service features as well as top-notch hospitality.

nude beaches in portugal 9
  • Hotel Do Mar (11 km)
  • Sesimbra Hotel & Spa (14 km)
  • SANA Sesimbra (11 km)
  • MY HOME Sesimbra (11 km)
  • Cali Luxury Apartment – Catered Holidays (12 km)

3. Praia Naturista do Salto, Sines –

nude beaches in portugal 10

The harmonious blend of nature, privacy, calmness and the advantage of going bare-bodied hypes Praia Naturista Do Salto beach among the followers of nudism in Portugal. The beach is nestled between two giant rocks and attains the structure of a surreal cove.

The accessibility of this small yet fabulous beach could be slightly tough as the trail is steep from the road. The popularity of the beach drags a heavy flock of visitors (well clothed & nude ones) toward it. Therefore it is hard to find a secluded spot for relaxing in summer & holiday season.

Though the beach waves remain calm most of the time, it is not recommended to swim here due to safety concerns. Difficulty in parking and reaching the beach might challenge you but the isolation & beauty of the beach are worth accepting the challenging.

Places to visit near Praia Naturista do Salto, Sines –

You must include the below-given locations in your itinerary after enjoying a great relaxation time on the beach.

nude beaches in portugal 11
  • Estátua de Vasco Da Gama (16 km)
  • Centro Histórico de Sines (16 km)
  • Capela da Nossa Senhora das Salvas (16 km)
  • Centro de Artes de Sines (16 km)
  • Museu de Sines (16 km)

Places to eat near PraiaNaturistadoSalto,Sines-

Looking for a complete meal or quick bites combined with refreshing drinks around the nude beach destination? These places will greet you with stunning ambiance, great food and remarkable hospitality.

nude beaches in portugal 12
  • Pérola do Porto Covo (1.2 km)
  • AMAR • Praia Grande • Porto Covo (500 meters)
  • Primo Xico (1.4 km)
  • Sausalito: Restaurante, Bar, Café, Carnes, Saladas, Hambúrguer em Sines (16 km)
  • SINGH DA DHABA (15 km)

Places to stay nearPraiaNaturistadoSalto,Sines-

The twinkling luxurious villas, resorts, hotels and hostels near Praia Naturista do Salto steal all the limelight and compel the visitor to plan a cozy stay here.

nude beaches in portugal 13
  • Costa do Vizir Camping (950 meters)
  • Mute Porto Covo (1.2 km)
  • Parque de Campismo da Ilha do Pessegueiro (6.2 km)
  • Ocean House Alentejo ( 1.6 km)
  • Quinta da Samoqueirinha (26 km)

4. Praia das Adegas, Odeceixe –

nude beaches in portugal 14

Adjacent to the biggest public beach Praia De Odeceixe, this small yet pretty nude beach is dramatically surrounded by beautiful cliffs. These cliffs contribute massively to making the beach a surreal cove by adding a complete sense of seclusion.

The stretch of Praia Das Adegas is 200 meters long which is comparatively shorter than other naturist beaches but the widely expanded calmness and privacy of this beach make it noteworthy among naturists. The beach is part of Costa Vicentina Natural Park where you can explore wildlife & raw nature beauty after enjoying naked sunbathing.

Visiting this hidden beach piece during low tides will be advantageous. Do not miss praising the stunning cliffs loaded with lush greenery but avoid sitting right below the rocks as there are chances of falling them frequently.

Places to visit near Praia das Adegas, Odeceixe –

The beach available for nude explorers falls in the Aljezur locality of Portugal where several sightseeing options are available.

nude beaches in portugal 15
  • Igreja Matriz de Aljezur (18 km)
  • Museu Municipal de Aljezur (18 km)
  • Igreja da Misericórdia (18 km)
  • Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park (11 km)
  • Ribat da Atalaia (29 km)

Places to eat near Praia das Adegas, Odeceixe –

The fantastic seafood, meat items, drinks and other signature Portuguese dishes make the beachgoers drool when they pass by any restaurant, cafe, shack or beachfront eateries. To satiate your craving palate, visit these prominent points.

nude beaches in portugal 16
  • Bar da Praia (800 meters)
  • Esplanada do Mar (750 meters)
  • Ponta Branca (700 meters)
  • A Tasca (3.5 km)
  • Naperon (3.7 km)

Places to stay near Praia Das Adegas, Odeceixe –

A few stay properties are located quite close to the beach area but if you are looking for a luxurious seafaring hotel or resort to plan a memorable stay in Portugal, go through these options.

nude beaches in portugal 17
  • Enigma Nature & Water Hotel (13 km)
  • Herdade AMÁLIA RODRIGUES – Suite with Sea View (13 km)
  • Monte Das Alpenduradas (20 km)
  • Sunset Beach House (18 km)
  • Monte Carvalhal da Rocha (13 km)

5. Praia dos Alteirinhos, Odemira –

nude beaches in portugal 18

Immediately after stepping on the soft golden sand of Praia dos  Alteirinhos, you can find yourself lost in the spectacular views of steep cliffs, crystal clear chilled water and high-low rock structures. The small coves formed by the separation of rocky cliffs favor the visit of naturists who want to relax, lounge, sit, walk, and indulge in the love of nature in any other way.

After parking your vehicle, you have to step down a long set of stairs to access this astounding nude beach beauty. The rock coves are found towards the north end of the beach where you can try swimming as well. But avoid any kind of water fun during the strong currents or high tides. Being a secluded clothing-optional beach, there is no access to the advanced facilities and lifeguards.

Make sure you are carrying everything you need on the beach before leaving your vehicle at parking.

Places to visit near Praia dos Alteirinhos, Odemira –

The captivating architecture of museums, lighthouses, monuments, churches and art centers will attract you through their charm. Here are the best & worth-visiting spots near Praia dos Alteirinhos nude beach.

nude beaches in portugal 19
  • Praia dos Alteirinhos (14 km)
  • Igreja da Misericórdia (21 km)
  • Igreja de Stª Maria (21 km)
  • Capela de Nossa Senhora do Mar (1 km)
  • Parque das Águas (18 km)

Places to eat near Praia dos Alteirinhos, Odemira –

After spending good hours at this naturist beach in Portugal, you must tickle your taste buds by relishing the classic cuisines at one of these famous restaurants in Odemira.

nude beaches in portugal 20
  • Restaurante Fonte Férrea (21 km)
  • Restaurante O Farnel (17 km)
  • O Tarro (20 km)
  • Bons Amigos (20 km)
  • Spice Of Punjab (21 km)

Places to stay near Praia dos Alteirinhos, Odemira –

Looking for a luxury, cozy, beachfront, comfortable and budget-friendly stay near your nude beach destination to easily access all the locations in comparatively less time? These accommodation properties will fit well in your plan.

nude beaches in portugal 21
  • Quinta Do Chocalhinho (23 km)
  • Monte Das Alpenduradas (3.1 km)
  • Moinho da Asneira (34 km)
  • Quinta do Moinho de Vento (31 km)
  • HS Milfontes Beach (32 km)

6. Praia do Homem Nu, Tavira –

nude beaches in portugal 22

Located 1.5 km away from the Praia Do Barril, this naturist beach holds the actual purpose of visiting here in its name. Praia do Homem Nu signifies a land of “Naked Man Beach”. The wild & deserted beach land of Tavira Island is located on the western side.

The white sand stretch of naturist Praia do Homem Nu beach offers everything that relaxes the nudists’ mind, body and soul. Apart from the advantage of sun, sand and sky, the widely prevailed calmness and sense of privacy exert a strong impact on beach bums andinvite those visitors who do not mind stripping off their clothes.

A few restaurants and a beach resort near Praia do Homem Nu nude beach act as reward to the naturists. You should not expect the lifeguard protection facility and other advanced amenities near the beach as it is a remote beach location.

Places to visit near Praia do Homem Nu, Tavira –

Do not miss exploring the surroundings of your nude beach destination after calming your nerves through nude sun lounging. There is too much to know about Portugal through these magnificent visiting locations.

nude beaches in portugal 23
  • Benamor Golf (13 km)
  • Mercados de Olhão (17 km)
  • Serra do Caldeirão (23 km)
  • Camera Obscura – Tavira EYE (7 km)
  • Igreja da Misericórdia (7.2 km)

Places to eat near Praia do Homem Nu, Tavira –

The luxuriant ambiance & tantalizing aroma of delish dishes prepared at the sea-facing restaurants, shacks, and cafes near the nude beach make the senses of visitors alive. Take a look at these classic eateries of Portugal.

nude beaches in portugal 24
  • Âncoras (4.2 km)
  • Typical Indian Tandoori Restaurant (7.5 km)
  • Blue Beach Bar (4.3 km)
  • Restaurante Jorge e Lia (6.5 km)
  • Restaurante The friends corner (6.5 km)

Places to stay near Praia do Homem Nu, Tavira –

The beachgoers of Praia do Homem Nu can plan some unwinding moments at these lavish stay properties packed with all basic to advanced amenities. You can access them at a walking distance from the beach area.

nude beaches in portugal 25
  • Pedras d’el Rei (3.6 km)
  • Estudios Salinas (8.4 km)
  • Barco Casa – Ilha da Culatra (9.1 km)
  • Residencial Marés (7.7 km)
  • Quinta do Caracol (6.2 km)

7. Praia do Malhão, Vila Nova de Milfontes –

nude beaches in portugal 26

The soothing views and tranquil atmosphere of this significant nude beach in Portugal steal all the limelight. Right after stepping on this pristine beach, the stunning abrupt cliffs will greet you through their appealing appearance.

As the beach is rarely visited by the families and usual public, the naturists can revel in their relaxing session with a free will here.  Praia do Malhão is recognized for strong currents hence avoid or stay cautious while swimming & surfing if you’re not too good at it.

Whether you are visiting this scenic beach intending to soak sun while lounging on doughy sand, grabbing some fun moments with the insane waves or admiring the rugged natural beauty dipped in the dramatic sunset, Praia do Malhão is an idyllic beach to fulfill any wish.

Places to visit nearPraia do Malhão, Vila Nova de Milfontes –

Are you willing to enrich your nude beach exploration in Portugal through sightseeing? These ancient fortresses, intriguing museums, lush gardens & parks and bustling markets will add a memorable day out to your beach vacation memory.

nude beaches in portugal 27
  • Forte de São Clemente (9.7 km)
  • Atelier Vincent (9.5 km)
  • Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Graça (9.1 km)
  • Rocha de Água d’Alto – hiking area (12 km)
  • Naufrágio Klemens da Praia do Patacho (10 km)

Places to eat near PraiadoMalhão,VilaNovadeMilfontes-

You need not go too far to experience the Portuguese classical culinary expertise blended well with fine dining ambiance & reviving music. The spectacular sea views will be complementary or the food freaks at these dining locations.

nude beaches in portugal 28
  • O Amândio (6.8 km)
  • Yabalulu (13 km)
  • Quebramar Milfontes (9.7 km)
  • Restaurante Dias (6.7 km)
  • Restaurante do HS Milfontes Beach (9.6 km)

Places to stay near PraiadoMalhão,VilaNovadeMilfontes –

Though the deserted nude beach Praia do Malhao’s shoreline isn’t dotted with lavish accommodations, you can find some best stay properties a few km away that distinctly define comfort & luxury.

nude beaches in portugal 29
  • Herdade do Amarelo Nature & Spa (15 km)
  • Monte Da Bemposta (12 km)
  • Herdade Da Matinha (16 km)
  • Casa Do Adro (9.2 km)
  • Orbitur Camping Park (2.1 km)

8. Praia da Ilha da Barreta / Ilha Deserta, Santa Maria Cape –

nude beaches in portugal 30

There is no match of the finest combination of golden sand and turquoise water at Praia da Barreta nudism-friendly beach. The naturists who want to relax in the lap of raw nature, take a long barefoot walk along the shoreline and rejuvenate their bodies through swimming must plan a visit here.

The unspoiled and uncrowded spots of Praia da Barreta invite all genders including the LGBTQ community to take off their clothes and roam freely. The complete privacy allows the naturists to detach themselves from all worldly connections and communicate with rich nature.

You must carry your towel for lying on the beach sand and soak in the sun. Giant dunes and dense vegetation also highlight the picturesque beauty of this outstanding beach.

Places to visit near Praia da Ilha da Barreta –

The historic, religious and natural sightseeing locations are available in bulk near the beach area. After pampering your body by nude sunbathing at the beach, you should set yourself on a sightseeing spree.

nude beaches in portugal 31
  • Santa Maria Cathedral (23 km)
  • Cabo de Santa Maria (on the beach)
  • Municipal Museum of Faro (22 km)
  • Cabo de Santa Maria Lighthouse (450 meters)
  • Arco da Vila (21 km)

Places to eat near Praia da Barreta nude beach –

Don’t miss a chance to relish the authentic Portuguese delectable delicacies and seafood items right on the beach. You can try your hands at unfamiliar global cuisines available at classy restaurants and cafes near the beach area.

nude beaches in portugal 32
  • Restaurante Estaminé ( on the beach)
  • O Rui (4.3 km)
  • Mar de Santa Maria (300 meters)
  • Janoca (4.3 km)
  • Espaço Associação do Farol (350 meters)

Places to stay near Praia daBarretanudebeach-

The tiring beach exploration and sightseeing tour compels the body to pause at a luxuriant stay location. Here are some frequently booked villas, hotels, resorts and hostels located close to Praia da Barreta.

nude beaches in portugal 33
  •  Luxury Beach Guest House (28 km)
  • ibis Faro Algarve (23 km)
  • Sunlight House – B & B Faro (22 km)
  • 3HB faro (21 km)
  • AP Eva Senses (23 km)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q – Which rules and etiquette must be followed by the nudism practitioners in Portugal?

A – Respecting the privacy of others, avoiding photo capturing, taking any sexual advantages, littering on the beach, damaging facilities and following strangers etc are some unwelcoming activities that a nudist must avoid while visiting the naturist beaches of Portugal.

Q – Is nudism legal in Portugal?

A – Yes, but the nudists are allowed only to strip off their clothes on the official nude-friendly beaches of Portugal. You are bound to dress well before reaching and leaving the nude beaches in Portugal.

Q – Are there any unofficial nude beaches also in Portugal where nudists can visit?

A – Yes, a few nonofficial nude-friendly beaches in Portugal tolerate nudism. But you must be confident and aware enough to take off the clothes at unofficial nudist beaches in Portugal.

Q – What you must carry with you while visiting a nude beach in Portugal?

A – To contribute to making the nude beach clean and hygienic, you should carry a towel on which you can lie and sit. Besides it, keep sunscreen, an umbrella, a book, some edibles and your favorite refreshing drink.

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