Top 5 nude beaches in Ibiza

nude beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza, a stunning spot in Spain is quite prominent among beach lovers across the globe. Its incredible beaches are remarkably known for the pristine shoreline, sparkling blue water and hidden coves. Decked with shiny white sands, these beaches are nothing but miraculous spots for seclusion seekers, couples and family-friendly visitors

nude beaches in Ibiza 0

Along with the magnificent beauty of sea, sun and sand, the vibrant party life full of pulsating beats and neon nights drags the visitors who love exploring adventure and enthusiasm. Well, the sun-kissed shores of Ibiza aren’t only to experience the fun vibe but the boundless seclusion and relaxing nature invite the naturists as well.

The freedom of roaming, sitting and idly lounging naked on the warm white sand of Ibiza beaches required the right info about the legal nude beaches. At the official nude beaches of Ibiza, a naturist can build a connection with raw natural elements and accept the existence without any barrier of clothes. 

Embracing all the communities or genders including LGBTQ and straight, the nudism-tolerable beaches of Ibiza are an untouched slice of paradise for naturists. Embellished with all the gleaming natural elements, the nude beaches offer a sense of seclusion, relaxation and rejuvenation to the nudists.

Before hopping straight on the nude beaches of Ibiza, a keen enthusiast of naturism must know the prime info bites attached to the nude beaches of Ibiza. 

Which rules and guidelines are determined to maintain the decency of nudism on the beaches of Ibiza? 

To reap the maximum benefits of a nude beach in Ibiza, one must be thoroughly aware of the regulations listed in the rule book determined by the authorities as well as the communities endorsing nudism. 

Take a look at the basic etiquette that a nudist should comply with while exploring the beaches in their birth suits. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 1
  • Carry your towel and a few clothes to confront a discomforting situation. It is essential to sit on a towel only to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the beach area.
  • Clicking pictures of fellow nudists is completely prohibited on these clothing-optional beaches. You can only capture them after getting their consent. At some nude beaches, it is mandatory to avoid carrying your mobile phones and cameras as they can disrupt the comfort of fellow nudists. 
  • Make your sitting at a good distance from your fellow nudists. Too close sitting and lounging can breach the privacy of other naturists. 
  • Forcefully initiating conversation, imposing peer pressure on any other person to take off clothes and following strangers etc is completely unwelcoming on the nude beaches of Ibiza. 
  • Inappropriately touching the body, staring at others, mocking, disrespecting and making derogatory remarks about body types and skin color do not belong to the ideal behavior that a nudist should adopt on the nude beaches. 
  • Damaging the beach property and littering are completely prohibited. Doing such things will be counted as a publicly punishable offense. 
  • Do not play loud music on the nude beaches as the naturists visit here to treat themselves to relaxation, peace and serenity. 
  • Any sexual activity is not allowed on the nude beaches of Ibiza. The nudists should avoid all types of lewd acts while exploring naturism on the beaches. 

What are the benefits of taking a skinny dip and lying bare on nude beaches? 

Though naturism remains a hot buzz of debate and controversy, it holds several proven logic or compelling causes that strengthen the exploration of nude beaches. 

Here is a glimpse of a few top brownie points or advantages to visiting nude beaches for skinny dipping & bare lounging on the sand. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 2
  • Nudism enables people to experience a sense of liberation or freedom from society’s rigid mindset regarding body type and color complexion. 
  • You can shrug off the hesitancy and shed your clothes aside to connect the real you with the raw nature. Such practices inhibit a feeling of empowerment in the nudists. 
  • Introducing your body to nature through direct connection or without any barrier of clothes infuses a positive feeling among nudists. 
  • The communities that endorse naturism connect people having similar mindsets regarding body acceptability and naturism. 
  • The naked sun lounging improves the blood circulation of the human body and puts the disturbed sleep cycle on track. 
  • It helps in curing skin diseases just by obtaining a good dose of Vitamin D by lounging under the balmy sun. 
  • Nudism improves the status of mental stability by infusing abundant peace and relaxation. It keeps the stress, anxiety and depression far away from the people. 
  • Embracing nudism is akin to putting yourself out of your comfort zone. Stripping off your top wear and unzipping the bottom wear is nothing but challenging yourself to flaunt the tanned mark on your body gracefully. 

Let’s dive straight into the soothing seawater of the prominent nude beaches of Ibiza. 

1. Cala Salada, Sant Antony De Portmany – 

nude beaches in Ibiza 3

If you are looking for the most lively island cove in Spain, Cala Salada will satiate your senses the most. The surreal cove is encapsulated with beautiful pine forested hills. In the middle, the crystal clear turquoise water and sandy bed invite the naturists to unfurl their wings. 

Along with the older and youthful crowd, you can confront some nudists relaxing in the hidden coves of Cala Salada. A bit of rocky surroundings polish the adventure trait of nudists who love hiking and jumping from the cliffs. Walking on these unspoiled trails connects the visitors to the rugged nature. 

Either the soft sand or isolated discreet coves are ideal for undressing and lounging bare. To explore the mesmerizing views from a good height, climb the beautiful cliffs. The shallow water of Cala Salada allows the naive as well as the trained ones to revel in the water fun through swimming and surfing. 

The facility of lifeguards at this small yet significant island allows the nudists to take skinny dips for long hours. A few restaurants right on the beach area serve the visitors with great food and drinks as well. You can also park your vehicle at the nearest stop to smoothly access the beach area by your vehicle. 

Places to visit near Cala Salada, Sant Antony De Portmany – 

The closest locality around Cala Salada is replete with umpteen natural treasures. Besides them, you can visit a handful of aquariums, markets, amusement parks and other worthy sightseeing spots. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 4
  • Slingshot Ibiza (4.9 km)
  • Aquarium Cap Blanc (4.7 km)
  • Far de ses Coves Blanques (5 km)
  • Ses Variades (4.8 km) 

Places to eat near Cala Salada, Sant Antony De Portmany – 

The surroundings of Cala Salada have some nicest dining hubs where you can unleash yourself for a culinary expedition. Look at the closely tucked venues to satiate your tickling taste buds with Spanish delicacies. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 5
  • Rita’s Cantina (5.2 km) 
  • The Red Cafe (4.7 km)
  • Grill Restaurant Can Germà (3.9 km)
  • Bar BONED (4.4 km)
  • Restaurant Pizzeria David’s (5 km) 

Places to stay near Cala Salada, Sant Antony De Portmany – 

You need not go too far from the beach location to access an appealing accommodation. Decked up with lavish amenities, top-notch hospitality and praiseworthy views, these properties are ideal for an evocable stay. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 6
  • Hotel Marino (4.1 km)
  • Hotel Puchet (5.8 km)
  • Sol Bahia Ibiza Suites (4.5 km)
  • Ibiza Rocks Hotel (4.5 km)
  • TRS Ibiza Hotel (4.5 km) 

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2. Es Cavallet / Platja des Cavallet, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia – 

nude beaches in Ibiza 7

The long stretch of Es Cavallet clothing optional beach of Spain is ideal for diving into the rolling insane waves. Being an official nudist beach, Es Cavallet’s midsection is demarcated for unzipping your clothes. To offer ample seclusion and privacy, the giant dunes act like a shield from public visitors. On the south tip of the extended beach strip, a separate gay-friendly zone can be found. 

Even though the beach’s major area is replete with dunes and doughy sand beds, a green belt of lush vegetation can be witnessed that delights the naturists. Whether you want to stroll along the seashore or indulge in some water adventure, Es Cavallet feels like a private fun hub. 

Along with attaining a plethora of relaxing vibes on this picturesque beach Es Cavallet, you can unleash your party animal as soon as the sun sinks in the emerald water. Closely located beach club drags all the fun & music lovers through its vibrant nightlife vibes. 

In the peak summer season, the beach gets densely packed with family-friendly visitors as well as the nudists. Therefore choose a weekday for beach exploration if peace & privacy are two unavoidable elements in your plan. There is a parking lot at the north end of the beach area. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 8

Places to visit near Es Cavallet / Platja des Cavallet, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia – 

After concluding your nude beach day out at Es Cavallet, visitors can set themselves off on a sightseeing spree. Here are some best locations that must be a part of your itinerary. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 9
  • Can Jareoni (museum) – 18 km 
  • Torre des Savinar (25 km)
  • Sa Talaiassa (25 km)
  • Ibiza Cathedral (14 km)
  • Torre De ses portes (on the beach) 

Places to eat near Es Cavallet / Platja des Cavallet, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia –

There is no shortage of beautiful cafes and restaurants in Sant Josep that spread their signature charm among connoisseurs. A quick view of the top listed eateries of Sant Josep. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 10
  • Reco Verd (18 km) 
  • Restaurant El Sol de Siena (18 km)
  • Es Galliner (18 km)
  • Restaurant Can Limo Ibiza (18 km)
  • Destino Bar De Tapas (18 km) 

Places to stay near Es Cavallet / Platja des Cavallet, Sant Josep de Sa Talaia –

From comfort to highly advanced hospitality, accommodations near Es Cavallet Beach fulfill all the demands of visitors. Their budget-friendly prices might surprise you a bit. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 11
  • OM IBZ HOTELS (10 km)
  • B&M Experience (11 km) 
  • Play Hotel Ibiza (9.9 km) 
  • Hotel Torre Del Mar ( 8.5 km) 
  • Eurostars Eivissa (9.2 km) 

3. Aguas Blancas, Santa Eulària des Riu – 

nude beaches in Ibiza 12

Tucked on the north tip of the Island, Aguas Blancas is a highly famed pristine narrow shoreline. Widely known for its colored and textured cliffs at the backdrop, this beach land is ideal for those who want to roam and lounge nude. 

The spectacular golden sand bed of the beach embraces all kinds of visitors whether they are practicing naturism or dressed properly. The clean water of Aguas Blancas is perfect for exploring the rich marine life through skinny dipping and snorkeling. 

You may confront a few nudists wrapped up in a bit of muddy dirt paste on their nude bodies. It is believed that the paste is quite beneficial for the skin. The trail that leads the path of the beach is quite rocky and difficult hence you find it less packed with visitors. 

Since July 2023 the authorities of Ibiza recommended that visitors should not go to Aguas Blancas as there are frequent chances of falling stones from the cliff. The shoreline is also very narrow hence there is a risk of strong waves. 

Places to visit near Aguas Blancas, Santa Eulària des Riu – 

Full of historical landmarks, flea markets, nature reserves and other worth-visiting locations, the close locality of Aguas Blancas is rich enough for sightseeing lovers. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 13
  • Centre d’Interpretació del Riu de Santa Eulària Can Planetes (16 km)
  •  Pont Vell, Santa Eulària des Riu (17 km)
  • Las Dalias de Ibiza (10 km)
  • Puig De Missa (16 km)
  • Ibizkus Wines (20 km) 

Places to eat near Aguas Blancas, Santa Eulària des Riu – 

Savoring the delectable Spanish as well as global cuisines at the closely located dining spots will please your palate immensely. Have a look at the places where you must go for a culinary exploration. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 14
  • Restaurante Caos Ibiza | Comida Sana en Santa Eulalia del Río (16 km)
  • Capricho Ibiza (16 km)
  • Restaurant Royalty (16 km)
  • Atenea Ibiza – Restaurant (16 km)
  • Kathmandu Restaurant (15 km) 

Places to stay near Aguas Blancas, Santa Eulària des Riu – 

Visitors can not take their eyes off the incredible stay properties tucked too close to the beach locality. Scenic sea views, commendable hospitality and classic amenities serve their guests in the best ways. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 15
  • Grupotel Cala San Vicente (2.2 km)
  • Iberostar Selection Santa Eulalia Ibiza (16 km)
  • Grupotel Imperio Playa (2.3 km)
  • Hacienda Encanto del Rio (6 km)
  • Invisa Hotel Club Cala Blanca (11 km) 

4. Cala Conta / Platges de Comte, Ibiza – 

nude beaches in Ibiza 16

This 800-meter-long and 15-30-meter-wide shoreline is a dazzling delight for naturists and common visitors. The stunning views of Cala Conta are dotted with several surreal tiny islands surrounded by turquoise water. These fabulous views also include a rocky trail and a scenic backdrop with dunes. 

Nudists can find their separate domain or join a group comprising fellow nudists to experience naturism without a hint of hesitation. The shallow and clean water is ideal for skinny dipping and snorkeling. However, the strong currents restrain the naive swimmers. 

After infusing rejuvenating vibes through nude sun lounging the whole day at the beach, give a great wrap-up to your beach exploration by witnessing the incredible sunset at Cala Conta. A few beach bars & DJs also host music parties right after the sun sinks into the turquoise water. 

This prominent nude-friendly beach Cala Conta is just a 15-minute drive away from San Antonio. The ample availability of basic to advanced amenities like restaurants, bars, loungers,  restrooms, and lifeguards make it an idyllic spot for naked sun lounging. 

Places to visit near Cala Conta / Platges de Comte, Ibiza –

Due to being encapsulated by a range of scenic natural treasures like bays, islands and beaches, the Cala Conta’s nearby locations offer an enriched sense to keen lovers of sightseeing. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 17
  • Es Vedra (18 km)
  • Sa Punta Galera – a nature reserve (17 km)
  • Sa Caleta – Bay (20 km)
  • Aquarium Cap Blanc (15 km)
  • Avinguda De Cala Moli (7.1 km) 

Places to eat near Cala Conta / Platges de Comte, Ibiza –

Right on the beach you can relish the authentic seafood delicacies that are freshly cooked by the experts of culinary craft. Here’s a glimpse of some highly visited dining hubs near Cala Conta. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 18
  • Restaurant s’Illa des Bosc (650 meters)
  • Sunset Ashram (40 meters)
  • Ses Roques Restaurant (750 meters)
  • Restaurant La Cueva (3.8 km)
  • Restaurant Can Pujolet (4.8 km)
  • Cala Bassa Beach Club (2.7 km)

Places to stay near Cala Conta / Platges de Comte, Ibiza –

Looking for well-furnished stay properties near Cala Conta Beach serving breakfast, wifi, outdoor pools, well-equipped spacious rooms and top-notch hospitality features? Take a view of the top-listed accommodations near Cala Conta. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 19
  • azuLine Hotel Bergantin (9.4 km)
  • Hotel Marino (13 km)
  • Hotel Rural Hostal Cala Molí (7.2 km)
  • Boutique Hotel Los Jardines de Palerm / Ibiza (12 km)
  • can dos rocas beach retreat Ibiza (2 km)

5. Las Salinas / Ses Salines, Ibiza – 

nude beaches in Ibiza 20

One of the most calm beaches, Las Salinas is tucked at the south end of the island and greets the nudists with sheer peace & relaxing vibes. Its wide crescent designed with a pale sandy shore is embellished with a swathe of palm fringes. Due to being located far flung from the bustling areas of Ibiza, Las Salinas is an apt spot to get undressed fully. 

The 1.5 km long and 25-30 meters wide dimensions of this secluded beach are enough for a long stroll along the shoreline as well as finding a calm place for nude sun lounging. In the peak summer season and holidays, the beach area becomes heavily clogged with all kinds of visitors. 

Coming towards the down section of the beach, it allures the naturists and hippies to spend good hours basking in their birthday suits. A few clubs and bars also catch the attention of music lovers who wish to take a glimpse of Ibiza nights. 

Walking towards the watchtower, you may find some hidden coves that offer a sense of private beach. The location of Las Salinas can be smoothly accessed via a 10-minute drive from Playa den Bossa. Beach security, lifeguards, restaurants, bars, DJs, restrooms and locker facilities, etc enhance the nude beach experience for naturists. 

Places to visit near Las Salinas / Ses Salines, Ibiza – 

The vibrant nightlife and unparalleled charm of Ibiza town will compel you to explore it through sightseeing. Let’s know what must be on your expedition list after wrapping up the nude beach activities at Las Salinas. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 21
  •  Ibiza Town (6.8 km)
  • Cova De Can Marca (29 km)
  • Formentera (2.9 km)
  • Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa (11 km)
  • Cala Jondal (11 km)

Places to eat near Las Salinas / Ses Salines, Ibiza –

After traversing through the entire town of Ibiza, you can treat yourself to exceptional food choices while sitting in an astounding ambiance and enjoying sea views. Here are the top-tier dining points of Ibiza tucked near the Las Salinas beach location. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 22
  • Sa Trinxa (2.5 km)
  • Guarana (2 km)
  • Can Salinas (550 meters)
  • La Escollera (2.2 km)
  • Restaurant Can Sala (5.5 km)
  • Cas Costas Ibiza (6.4 km)

Places to stay near Las Salinas / Ses Salines, Ibiza – 

The seafront hotels, resorts and budget-friendly hostels near Las Salinas lure nudists to plan their stay at these lavish properties. Visitors can find here the spacious rooms decked with classical amenities. 

nude beaches in Ibiza 23
  • Hotel THB Los Molinos (7.8 km)
  • Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel (5.8 km)
  • Grand Palladium White Island Resort & Spa (3.9 km)
  • Dorado Ibiza (5.5 km)
  • Hard rock Hotel Ibiza (6.2 km)

These are the prime beach locations in Ibiza where nudists can revel in the fun of bare sun lounging, skinny dipping and other water fun activities. Apart from the above-listed prominent clothing-optional beaches, you can find an isolated spot for a peaceful nude session at these beaches as well. 

  • Es Racó d’en Xic
  • Punta Galera 
  • Es Figueral 
  • Cala Escondida 
  • Cala Nova
  • Calo des Gat 
  • Cala Pluma 
  • Es portitxol 
  • Cala Moltons
  • Cala Olivera 

At these seaside points, you may find a handful of discreet coves for practicing naturism wholeheartedly.  

What are the righteous precautions one must take regarding the safety and privacy of self as well as the belongings? 

As it is widely known the nudist section of the clothing-optional beaches is located at a good distance from the bustling beach location. Therefore nudists should take whole and sole charge of their as well as their belongings’ safety. 

A quick view of the steps that one must take to ensure the safety of things as well as life. 

  1. Always park your vehicles at the designated parking area and get the receipt. Parking close to the nude beach section in the absence of authority might cause damage & theft of your vehicle. 
  2. As the nude beaches are located in remote places, there are high chances of the presence of dangerous marine animals. Hence one must avoid swimming in such locations. 
  3. The strong water currents or high tides may cause a troublesome situation for you if you are not well-versed in swimming and other adventurous water activities. There will be no facility for lifeguards at the far-flung nude beach locations. Hence drop the idea of water fun. 
  4. Avoid carrying your expensive mobile phones and other gadgets to the beach area. The strangers might steal or damage them in your unaware state. Clicking pictures on the official nude beaches is also prohibited so there is no requirement for advanced cameras and expensive phones. 
  5. You must be connected with the local communities endorsing naturism in Ibiza to make yourself aware of the nudists’ rights, guidelines and laws etc. It will help you maintain security while being alone in the nude beach location. 
  6. To confront a discomforting situation, always carry a big towel and a few clothes. If you feel uncomfortable getting bare on a nude-friendly beach, you need to strip off your clothes under peer pressure. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs) – 

Q – Is nudism legal on the beaches of Ibiza? 

A – Yes, the official nude beaches of Ibiza are pioneering destinations for nudists where they can liberate themselves without a pinch of hesitation. 

Q – Are there any nude beaches on Ibiza Island? 

A – Yes, nudists can find a great number of idyllic hidden coves to get undressed and enjoy bare sunbathing, skinny dipping in turquoise water and reveling in their relaxing sessions for hours without any disruption. 

Q – How should a nudist behave on the clothing-optional beaches in Ibiza? 

A – To maintain the dignity of the unique lifestyle practice of nudism, one must comply with a certain set of rules determined by the nudist communities as well as beach authorities. 

Q – What are the guidelines determined for the nudists? 

A – Avoid clicking pictures, breaching the privacy of fellow nudists, disrespecting the body types of nudists, staring and doing any lewd or sexual activity on the nude-friendly beaches in Ibiza. 

Q – What one must carry to the nude beaches? 

A – A towel, sunscreen, water, some edibles, a few clothes, flip flops and a hat are some prime things that one must carry to the nude beaches. 

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