Top 6 nude beaches in Thailand

nude beaches in thailand

It would be unfair to not give a revered place to Thailand while talking about the most gracious destinations picked for holidaying. This world-famous island destination hides too many beach locations that are apt for going topless. Legalizing all nudism-friendly activities, certain beaches in Thailand are frequently visited by all genders including the LGBTQ community. 

nude beaches in thailand 0

These exotic beaches will stun you with their emerald water, doughy sand floor, and several remarkably luxurious resort facilities. While witnessing the great connection with nature by being in their birth suits,  the nudists can revel in a range of beach activities. 

Whether you love laying bare on the sand calmly and soaking in some sun or taking a skinny dip in the turquoise water, the official nude beaches of Thailand are a slice of paradise for nudists. 

Let’s begin the imaginary tour of a few yet significant nude-friendly beach locations in Thailand. 

How a nudist should behave on the legal nude beaches of Thailand? 

Though there is a leverage of getting undressed completely on the nude beaches of Thailand, a nudist’s behavior shouldn’t fall short of the etiquette demanded on the beach. 

nude beaches in thailand 1

Take a quick view of the basic rules determined for visiting the Nudism-Friendly beaches in Thailand. 

  • Disrespecting the shape and color of fellow nudists is unacceptable at Thailand’s nude beaches. You can not make any kind of remark or comment on them. 
  • Staring is completely prohibited on the beaches as it can produce an uncomfortable atmosphere for the other beach visitors. 
  • Stripping off the clothes before reaching the determined nude beach location and leaving it without getting dressed well can charge you like a public punishable offense. 
  • The nudists are not allowed to take any sexual advantage at the beach location. Any other lewd act will not be accepted by fellow nudists as well as the beach authorities. 
  • The clothing-optional beaches of Thailand have no hard & fast rules regarding nudity. If one is uncomfortable in taking off the clothes, no one can bound him/her to get undressed. 
  • You can not capture the nudists without attaining his/her consent. It will be beneficial to avoid carrying cameras and phones on the beaches. 
  • Maintain the hygiene of the nude beaches by using a towel while sitting or lying bare on the sand floor. Littering or spoiling the beach will also be a punishable offense in Thailand. 
  • Breaching the privacy of fellow nudists by following them or initiating a forceful conversation will not be welcomed. Therefore you must avoid it. 
  • Cover up your entire body with a dense layer of sunscreen. 
  • Make your sitting at a good distance from your fellow nudists as your closeness can disturb them. 

What are the benefits of visiting the nude beaches in Thailand? 

All the secluded beaches present across the world hold the potential to treat your body, mind, and soul most advantageously. 

Here are the compelling reasons why one must visit clothing-optional beaches at least once in a lifetime. 

nude beaches in thailand 2
  • Getting bare publicly enables you to accept all the flaws and qualitative features of your body. 
  • Being nude on the beach locations puts an end to the taboo that undressing publically is something unusual. 
  • The benefit of soaking in the sun while lounging naked on the mildly warm sand pampers the whole body and injects a heavy dosage of vitamin D. 
  • The nude beaches are the isolated locations where nudists can communicate with the raw nature peacefully. 
  • Nude beaches allow you to meet with new communities of LGBTQ and learn about their body types. 
  • The unclothed sun lounging improves the blood circulation of nudists’ bodies. 
  • The impact of the sun cures several skin diseases on a natural basis. 
  • Naturism unleashes the shackles of society’s pressure and enables you to embrace liberation in a true sense. 
  • Naturism connects like-minded people with a sense of freedom and an immense connection with rugged nature.
  • Taking off all the clothes and flaunting your nude body gracefully is not a usual task, hence it challenges people to come out of their comfort zone. 
  • It improves the mental health of the nudists. To burst the bubble of mental fatigue, stress, anxiety and a state of dilemma, one must explore the shoreline of a nude-friendly beach. 

Let’s dive into the list of pristine nude beaches in Thailand. 

1. Mai Khao Beach, Phuket province – 

nude beaches in thailand 3

Tucked on the northwestern tip of heavenly Phuket island, Mai Khao Beach has the longest stretch where nudists can take a long stroll. The scenic location of the beach impacts the naturists immensely. Widely prevailed calmness and a sense of untouched beauty on the beach invite the nudists in bulk to spend long hours. 

On the northernmost part of Main Khao Beach, a lot of vegetation can be seen. The green bushes and trees are available in abundance here which causes a delight to sight. 

During the dry or summer season, the beach water is apt for swimming but monsoon makes the waves too rough and tough for any kind of water fun. Due to being close to the international airport, the nudists can witness the magnificent views of low-flying planes. The nude visitors can find several secluded spots to calmly indulge in naturism, raw nature and other relaxing activities. 

At the Mai Khao beach, nudists should not miss the stunning views of the sinking sun into the turquoise water. You can directly access the beach location through taxi services from the Phuket airport. 

Places to visit near Mai Khao Beach, Phuket – 

To experience the unique lifestyle of Thailand, the locality of Mai Khao Beach offers you a lot of choices for exploring. From religious locations to luxury spas, the nudists can set themselves on a sightseeing spree after wrapping up their beach visit. 

nude beaches in thailand 4
  • Mongkhon Wararam Temple – A Buddhist temple (12 km) 
  • Mai Khao Plaza ( 6 km) 
  • Sarasin Bridge (11 km) 
  • Splash Jungle Water Park (1.8 km) 
  • Turtle Village ( 6.2 km) 

Places to eat near Mai Khao Beach, Phuket – 

The prominent localities of Thailand are full of luxurious dining locations where you can plan a classical lunch or dinner. Take a look at some remarkable eateries located close to Mai Khao Beach. 

nude beaches in thailand 5
  • Siam Deli ( 6.7 km)
  • Love Noodles (6.2 km)
  • Duke’s Bar & Restaurant  (1.7 km) 
  • Andaman Grill (6.6 km) 
  • Cucina at JW Marriott Phuket (6.6 km) 

Places to stay near Mai Khao Beach, Phuket –

There is no dearth of luxurious villas, resorts and hotels close to Mai Khao Beach where you can reboost your tired body with top-notch hospitality and advanced amenities. These are the frequently booked accommodations near Mai Khao Beach. 

nude beaches in thailand 6
  • Mickey Monkey Beach Hotel (8.6 km)
  • Mai Khao Palm Beach Resort ( 400 meters) 
  • Mai Khao Home Garden Bungalow (3.4 km) 
  • The Snug Airport (11 km) 
  • Phuket Airport Villa (12 km) 

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2. Nui Beach, Karon – 

nude beaches in thailand 7

To get a rejuvenating retreat, the nudists must visit Nui Beach located in the southern region of Phuket. Though the beach is tucked far from the bustling locality of Thailand, it gets full in the peak summer season. Its beach location is flanked by a plethora of viewpoints. 

Along with the apt hidden coves for nudists, the prominent Nui Beach is recognized for its adventurous water fun. The panoramic views decked up with the pristine shoreline, crystal water, spectacular rocks, white powdery sand and lush green vegetation steal the limelight of the entire island. 

For lounging leisurely and bare-bodied on the doughy sand of Nui Beach, do not forget to bring the stuff required for a naked beach outing. The clear water of Nui Beach is ideal for snorkeling. Beautiful corals, scores of colorful fish and enriched marine life tempt the nature lovers immensely. For the best beach exploration at Nui Beach, pick the early morning hours for your unclothed experience. 

Places to visit near Nui Beach, Karon – 

Soaring statues, bustling lanes of the markets and plenty of scenic viewpoints lure the visitors to plan a tour after the beach visit. Here are some majestic locations that deserve your visit. 

nude beaches in thailand 8
  • Windmill Viewpoint (8 km)
  • Chaithararam Temple – Wat Chalong (12 km)
  • Naka Weekend Market (18 km)
  • Cape Phrom Thep (9.1 km) 
  • The Big Buddha Phuket (16 km) 

Places to eat near Nui Beach, Karon – 

To dive into the classic culinary ocean of Thai food items, you can hit the floor of these highly famed restaurants, cafes and shacks located right next to the Nui Beach. 

nude beaches in thailand 9
  • Ya Nui Restaurant (8.4 km)
  • Nikita’s Beach Restaurant (7.1 km) 
  • Kook Restaurant  (5.8 km)
  • Rawai View (7.6 km)
  • Rustic and Blue – By the sea (7.6 km) 
nude beaches in thailand 10

Places to stay near Nui Beach, Karon – 

The magical sea views from the hotel and spa of Thailand captivate the minds of visitors. Besides this, the remarkable features of these accommodations will turn your ordinary stay into a luxurious & comfortable delight. 

nude beaches in thailand 11
  • Beyond Kata (5.6 km)
  • The Nai Harn (7.5 km)
  • The Shore at Katathani Resort (6.4 km)
  • Sunsuri Phuket (6.9 km)
  • Chanalai Garden Resort (5.2 km) 

3. Leela Beach, Koh Phangan Island – 

nude beaches in thailand 12

Willing to embrace naturism at one of the most calm & scenic locations in Thailand?  The unofficial yet nudity-tolerable Leela Beach is all set to welcome you in your birth suits. This dreamy Beachland is replete with a swathe of swaying palm fringes grown on the sparkling white sand. 

The turquoise water compliments the unmatched beauty of the beach. Due to being an unofficial nude beach in Thailand, you need to visit here on weekdays and find a hidden as well as secluded spot for stripping off your clothes. 

Not just nude sunbathing on the beach intrigues the nudists to visit here but a range of thrilling water fun activities also allow them to spend a dreamy nude beach day here. Snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing and watching picturesque sunsets will create some gem moments for you. At a nearby location, a full moon party is also organized every month. Therefore the party freaks can also drop this location in their bucket list for exploring. 

Services of bus and ferry boats both are available at the Koh Samui airport which drops you directly at the beach location. To explore the nearby localities, you can take advantage of rented bike and taxi services etc. 

Places to visit near Leela Beach, Koh Phangan Island – 

The unparalleled beauty of stunning beaches and thick forests of Koh Phangan Island is amplified with several worth-visiting locations. A glimpse over trendy locations that fall in the close vicinity of Leela Beach, Koh Phangan Island. 

nude beaches in thailand 13
  • The Challenge Phangan Waterpark / Koh Phangan Park (12 km)
  • Ban Tai Thai Herbal Sauna (8.3 km)
  • First Bow & Arrow Club – Koh Phangan (20 km)
  • Kuan Yin Temple (18 km)
  • Wat Pho (Chinese temple) – (7.3 km)

Places to eat near Leela Beach, Koh Phangan Island – 

Looking for some ideal locations to chill and relish authentic Thai delicacies while witnessing the spectacular oceanfront views? Here we have rounded up the list of highly famed eateries. 

nude beaches in thailand 14
  • Sand & Tan (950 meters)
  • Fishermen’s Restaurant & Bar (7.5 km)
  • Spicy Salad Bar & Restaurant (17 km)
  • Coral Restaurant  (1.8 km)
  • Beach lounge (11 km)

Places to stay near Leela Beach, Koh Phangan Island – 

Known for the deluxe accommodations, the surroundings of Leela Beach offer you some top and world-class stay choices. Here are the luxurious, comfortable and budget-friendly options for Leela Beach visitors. 

nude beaches in thailand 15
  • Suncliff Resort (700 meters)
  • The ocean Phangan Homestays (850 meters)
  • Paradise Banglowes (600 meters)
  • Princess Paradise (2.1 km)
  • Phangan Cabana Resort (20 km) 

4. Big Buddha Beach, Koh Samui – 

nude beaches in thailand 16

Nestled on the northwest tip of Koh Samui Island, Big Buddha Beach is the perfect secluded spot for getting completely undressed and sprawling over the doughy sand. The compelling reason behind its privacy and isolation is its distant location from tourist destinations. 

Though a prominent Buddha Statue is not so far from the beach location, nudists can find secluded spaces for naked sun lounging. A range of water fun is available at Big Buddha Beach to unleash your adventurous wild traits. Snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking are the frequently picked thrilling activities by the visitors. 

To smoothly access the Big Buddha Beach from the airport, frequent taxi, bus and rented bike services are available. Likely to several other beaches in Thailand, Big Buddha Beach is an unofficial nudism-friendly beach but visitors can confront a huge flock of fellow visitors swimming or lying topless or completely bare. 

After concluding your nude beach trip at the beach, don’t miss and capture the majestic sunset views at Big Buddha Beach. 

Places to visit near Big Buddha Beach, Koh Samui – 

To traverse through the quirky lifestyle of Thailand, you must include these prominent locations in your sightseeing itinerary. From shopping to wildlife to giant statues to lavish spas, the nearby locations of Leela Beach are densely packed with noteworthy destinations. 

nude beaches in thailand 17
  • Central Samui (5.5 km)
  • Lad Koh viewpoint (11 km)
  • Tarnim Magic Garden (34 km)
  • Samui Elephant Sanctuary (6.3 km)
  • Wat Plai Laem (1.3 km) 

Places to eat near Big Buddha Beach, Koh Samui – 

nude beaches in thailand 18

Immediately after diving into the rejuvenating emerald water at the beach, explore the fascinating dining locations tucked quite close to it. Here are the top choices one can make while planning a memorable breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

  • Malai Thai Kitchen by the beach (1.5 km)
  • Passa (9 km) 
  • Khun Ying (5.7 km)
  • Yui’s Beach Restaurant  (2 km)
  • The Tent (5 km) 

Places to stay near Big Buddha Beach, Koh Samui – 

Near Big Buddha Beach, visitors can witness the epitome of sheer luxury and comfort in the form of classic accommodations. A quick view of the ideal stay locations that fall very close to the beach. 

nude beaches in thailand 19
  • The Samui Mermaid Resort (1.2 km)
  • Deva Beach Resort (1.3 km)
  • Secret Garden (1.8 km)
  • Sasitara Thai Villas Hotel (1.1 km) 
  • The Sunset (280 meters)

5. Cosy Island Beach, Phuket – 

nude beaches in thailand 20

The peaceful abode of incredible nature views, Cosy Island Beach is a widely recognized spot among the enthusiastic nudists of Thailand. Remoteness from the clamour of city life calms the nerves of naturists and a skinny dip into the crystal blue water acts like therapy to them. 

You might find accessibility to the Cosy Beach island slightly tough but you must count it a blessing in disguise. Due to being located far flung from prominent tourist attractions, nudists can consider the whole beach ideal for roaming without clothes. 

Communicating with the insane waves crashing with the shoreline, witnessing the crawling tiny turtles on the beach and consuming a massive amount of vitamin D are some refreshing activities that a naturist can enjoy. Without any disruption, you can swim and snorkel all day and explore the rich marine life under the sea surface. 

The nudists can access Cosy Island Beach by taking frequently available transportation services from Rawai Beach within 15 minutes. Closely located Lemon Tree Naturist Resort uplifts the pleasure of enjoying the nude beach day to manifold. 

Places to visit near Cosy Island Beach, Phuket – 

The tremendous scenery around this secluded nude beach is embellished with several visiting locations. The below-listed sightseeing options won’t miss a chance to impress you immensely.

nude beaches in thailand 21
  • The Big Buddha Statue (13 km)
  • Khao Rang (17 km)
  • Phuket FantaSea (22 km)
  • Karon View Point (3.6 km)
  • Thao Thep Krasattri and Thao Si Sunthon Monument (28 km) 

Places to eat near Cosy Island Beach, Phuket – 

Treat yourself to the unforgettable gastronomic pleasure and delightful ambiance of these world-class dining locations. 

nude beaches in thailand 22
  • L’Arome by the Sea (15 km)
  • Day & Night of Phuket (17 km)
  • FU’ Restro Phuket ร้านฝู (16 km)
  • Raya Restaurant (17 km)
  • One Chun cafe & restaurant  (17 km)

Places to stay near Cosy Island Beach, Phuket – 

The comfort and luxury offered at the soaring hotels and decent resorts located near Cosy Island Beach are noteworthy. A quick view of the stay properties. 

nude beaches in thailand 23
  • Cosy Beach Hotel ( right on the beach)
  • Lemon Tree Naturist Resort (on the beach)
  • Natural Beach Hotel (3.6 km)
  • Sunny Beach Residence (3.9 km)
  • The Beach Front resort (5.8 km)

6. Kata Beach, Phuket – 

nude beaches in thailand 24

Also known as Kata Yai or Kata Bay, this laid-back sandy crescent is idyllic for planning some unwinding moments. Though the beach remains full of public visitors including families and couples, nudists can join their groups sitting or enjoying at a secluded spot. 

The shiny edge of golden shorelines merged with the sparkling blue water steal the hearts of visitors. The village-like atmosphere replete with scenic backdrops stuns the nudists. To delve into the relaxing vibe of Kata Beach, all you need to take off your clothes, apply a dense layer of sunscreen and lounge leisurely on the mildly warm sand. 

The reef at the beach is mesmerizing enough for the snorkeling. Colorful fish, rich marine vegetation and other creatures catch the gaze of water enthusiasts. The waves at the beach are ideal for surfing also. 

You can easily take advantage of rented beach beds, shades, umbrellas, drinks, edibles and other facilities while exploring the Kata Beach. Easy transportation from the nearby localities makes the Kata Beach accessibility quite smooth and less time-consuming. 

Places to visit near Kata Beach, Phuket – 

The surroundings of Kata Beach are full of magical viewpoints, markets, parks & gardens, art centers, temples and other sightseeing locations. Here are the best points for visiting near Kata Beach. 

nude beaches in thailand 25
  • Karon View Point (3.2 km) 
  • Kata Beach Community Park (40 meters)
  • Chaithararam Temple – Wat Chalong (8.6 km)
  • Cape Phrom Thep (10 km)
  • Palm Spa & Massage (850 meters) 

Places to eat near Kata Beach, Phuket – 

You need not go too far to experience authentic Thai dishes after enjoying the beach day out at Kata Beach. Here we have comprised a list of the top food points serving delectable delicacies of Thailand’s cuisines. 

nude beaches in thailand 26
  • Sugar and Spice restaurant and Inn (650 meters)
  • The Kata Rocks Clubhouse (800 meters)
  • Ska Bar and Kata Seafood Center ( 650 meters)
  • Auto grill Risto Bar Pizza (700 meters)
  • Boathouse Restaurant  (450 meters) 

Places to stay near Kata Beach, Phuket – 

The close locality of Kata Beach is a gateway to the lavish accommodations where you can revive your tired body after beach exploration and sightseeing. These budget-friendly seafaring properties will treat you to the best hospitality, comfort and advanced amenities. 

nude beaches in thailand 27
  • Da Bungalows (500 meters) 
  • Beyond Kata (170 meters) 
  • Kata Sea Breeze Resort (700 meters)
  • Chanalai Garden Resort (600 meters)
  • Sugar Palm Grand (400 meters)

Tips to maintain the privacy and security of yourself and your stuff at the nude beaches of Thailand – 

The nude beaches in any state or country are usually tucked far from the city areas and patrolling authorities visit them less frequently. Therefore it is essential to take care of yourself as well as your belongings. 

Here are some noteworthy points regarding the security and privacy at nude beaches. 

  1. Park your vehicle only at the designated parking area and cover the rest of the distance by foot. Parking close to the nude beach without any security can put you in a troubling situation. 
  2. Do not carry your expensive phones, cameras, and other gadgets to the nude beach as strangers can steal them in your unaware condition. 
  3. Do not become too friendly with fellow nudists at such secluded locations. 
  4. Some of the spots on these beaches can have wild marine creatures. Hence take complete information before diving into the sea water. 
  5. A few people might express objection while getting undressed and roaming naked on the beach, to avoid such situations find a hidden cove and visit the beaches on weekdays instead of weekends. 
  6. Always carry a long towel and a few clothes to confront the uncomfortable situations perfectly. 
  7. Do not indulge in the water fun if you are inexperienced as the nude beaches do not have the facility of lifeguards. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – 

Q – Is nudity legal in Thailand? 

A – Though there are no such legal or official nude beaches in Thailand, some liberal locations allow naturists to go topless or completely bare. A few hidden beaches in Thailand invite practitioners of naturism.

Q – What behavior is expected from the nudists at the beaches of Thailand where naturism is tolerable? 

A – Nudists should comply with the guidelines determined by the communities endorsing naturism in Thailand. You must avoid clicking pictures, breaching privacy, disrespecting body types, color and making any sexual comments about fellow nudists. 

Q – Is it mandatory to become nude on the beaches of Thailand? 

A – No, you can enjoy the beach visit even without taking off your clothes at the clothing-optional beaches of Thailand. 

Q – What are the other activities that a nudist can enjoy on nude beaches? 

A – Apart from lounging bare on the sand and dipping nude in the seawater, one can revel in the fun of snorkeling, kayaking, surfing and other water fun without any disruption. However, you won’t be allowed to do water activities in your birthday suits. 

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