Top 8 nude beaches in Italy 

nude beaches in italy

Being the dream destination of several globetrotters, Italy spreads its exceptional charm worldwide. Dozens of gorgeous towns, spectacular mountains, picturesque lakes and romantic viewpoints hold a vast chunk of its praiseworthy natural setting. Well, the sparkling islands do not fall an inch behind while contributing to the unmatched beauty of Italy. 

Apart from the scenic public beaches, the stretched shoreline of hidden beaches invites the naturists as well. To thoroughly explore the rugged beach vibes subdued in the sun, sand and sea, nudists can take their clothes off to gracefully flaunt their tanned bodies. 

Though nudism is practiced on a moderate level in Italy, you can find adequate beach spots to get fully bare or only topless. Most of these nude-friendly beaches are nothing but an enriched slice of paradise dotted with everything that your body mind & body crave. 

Keep all the rules, guidelines and etiquette in mind before hopping bare-bodied Italian nude beaches -: 

Although the nudist beaches are tucked far flung from the residential or urban localities, the followers of nudism need to comply with the guidelines determined by authorities. 

Your liberation on the nude beaches of Italy is intertwined with the below-given set of instructions. 

nude beaches in italy 1
  • The use of a camera and phone must be cautious enough that its frame can not capture the picture of any unfamiliar nudist intentionally or unintentionally. 
  • Staring, pointing, mocking, commenting and disrespecting fellow nudists’ body types and skin color is completely unacceptable at the beaches. 
  • Nudists should not indulge in any kind of sexual activity or intimate positions on the beaches. 
  • Following the stranger nudist, forcefully initiating a conversation and breaching his/her privacy will not be welcomed by the practitioners of nudism. 
  • These beaches are recognized by another name “Clothing optional” beach. Hence a nudist can not impose peer pressure on the well-clothed visitors present on these beaches. 
  • Carry your towel for sitting and lying bare on the beaches. Such acts contribute to the cleanliness of nude beaches. 
  • Littering, spitting, damaging public facilities and playing loud music on the nude beaches of Italy are prohibited. You will be charged with a punishment if authorities find you involved in any of those misdeeds. 
  • You must respect the privacy of your fellow nudists by maintaining a good distance while finding a spot for sitting and lying. 

Let’s dive into the fun & experience of nude sunbathing and skinny dipping virtually.

1. Piscinas Beach / Spiaggia di Piscinas, South Sardinia – 

nude beaches in italy 2

Piscinas is widely known and accepted as the biggest nude beach of the entire Europe. The soul-stirring beauty of this beach pearl lies in the remarkable fusion of yellow sand, emerald water, and thick vegetation on the dunes. On this magical land, you can witness several nudists lounging carelessly to consume a heavy dose of vitamin D under the balmy sun.

The secluded shoreline and untouched coves of Piscinas Beach enable the naturist to communicate with nature without any barrier. The bare bathers of Piscinas beach can clutch delightful views of sprawling sea turtles

The expanded shoreline of the beach is ideal for relaxing your nerves through a long barefoot walk. Along with reveling in the pleasure of sunbathing, admiring nature and swimming in its chilling water, you can add a spark of adventure by kitesurfing, snorkeling, hiking and surfing etc. 

Places to visit near Piscinas Beach, South Sardinia – 

Sightseeing in any locality of an Italian province is no less than a treat to the eyes. Near Piscinas Beach, you can include a range of locations in your itinerary. Here are some best choices you can make. 

nude beaches in italy 3
  • Miniera di Ingurtosu – Pozzo Gal – Museo Multimediale della miniera (7.4 km) 
  • Miniera di Montevecchio (22 km) 
  • Temple of Antas (38 km) 
  • Villaggio Minerario di Ingurtosu (8 km) 
  • Grotta di Su Mannau (32 km) 

Places to eat near Piscinas Beach, South Sardinia – 

Your search for the finest dining points close to the nude beach destination Piscinas won’t take much time as we’ve rounded up a short list of the best eateries available here. 

nude beaches in italy 4
  • Piscinas Beach Club (150 meters) 
  • L’oasi Chiosco Bar ( 230 meters) 
  • Hotel Ristorante Corsaro Niro (8 km) 
  • Ostello Ristorante Su Mannau (32 km) 
  • Agriturismo L’Oasi del Cervo (16 km) 

Places to stay near Piscinas Beach, South Sardinia – 

The luxury of staying at beachfront hotels and resorts located within walking distance from Piscinas Beach extremely pleases the naturists. A few of these accommodations are clothing optional as well. 

nude beaches in italy 5
  • Hotel Le Dune Piscinas (20 meters) 
  • Bed and Breakfast Rio Castangias (15 km) 
  • Hotel Ristorante Corsaro Nero (8.9 km)
  • Villa Savina Bed & Breakfast (27 km) 
  • Villaggio Le Querce (17 km) 

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2. Capocotta Beach, Lazio – 

nude beaches in italy 6

Being one of the oldest official nude beaches in Italy, Capocotta dazzles the visionary senses of beach lovers. The welcoming land enriched with soft pale sand is dotted with a swathe of lush Mediterranean vegetation, giant dunes and fringes of pine trees

Besides being a hub of nascent natural vibes, Capocotto Beach is a meeting point for followers of the Roman LGBTQ community. The beach is managed and preserved by the Italian Naturist Association to make the bare sunbathing even more dignified and acceptable. 

Its accessibility is quite smooth and less time-consuming from Anzio. Not just the surreal scenes of raw nature draw the attraction of naturists but the advanced facilities like beach bars, restaurants, public toilets and restrooms etc compel them to hit the sand floor of Capocotto Beach frequently. 

Places to visit near Capocotto Beach, Lazio – 

If you hold keen love and a deep inclination towards the historical and archeological monuments, the surroundings of Capocotto Beach will treat you very well. 

nude beaches in italy 7
  • Ostia Antica (16 km) 
  • Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana (25 km) 
  • Zoomarine – waterpark (6.7 km) 
  • Castello di Giulio II (16 km) 
  • Castelporziano Presidential Estate – Museum (15 km) 

Places to eat near Capocotto Beach, Lazia – 

There is no dearth of classic eateries around Capocotto Beach that write a great culinary tale of each unique delicacy. The stunning view of the ocean will level up the pleasure of relishing global cuisines up to tenfold. 

nude beaches in italy 8
  • Salus Beach & Restaurant (14 km)
  • Ost Friendly Food Ostia (14 km)
  • Primo cancello | Paradise Beach (15 km)
  • Arcobaleno Beach (14 km) 
  • Dar Zagaia (17 km)

Places to stay near Capocotto Beach, Lazia – 

Naturists can easily access the remarkable accommodation properties near the beach to revive themselves through leisure. Take a look at highly booked stay places by naturists. 

nude beaches in italy 9
  • Lido Di Ostia (13 km)
  • Hotel Bellavista (12 km)
  • Hotel La Scaletta Rome (13 km) 
  • Sirenetta (13 km) 
  • La Bicocca (7.8 km) 

3. Riserva Naturale di Capo Gallo / Capo Gallo Nature Reserve, Palermo – 

nude beaches in italy 10

Undoubtedly Riserva Naturale di Capo Gallo is the pride of the city, Palermo. This biodiversity reserve is just 12 km away from the Teatro Massimo located in the city center. The entrance of Capo Gallo Nature Reserve is akin to the gateway of paradise for nature admirers. 

The outstanding coves formed by the rocky mountains will not allow you to blink even for once. Among all the spectacular coves, the Queen Cove shines the brightest. From Queen Cove, you can witness some magical views of the ocean from a height of 130 meters. 

For embracing the naturists, Capo Gallo Nature Reserve has a secluded and specific place that is nestled under the soaring cliffs. Here nude sunbathers can strip off their clothes and dive into the swimmable water. Well, lounging bare on a plain rocky surface to soak in the sun isn’t a bad idea either. 

Places to visit near Riserva Naturale di Capo Gallo, Palermo – 

The Palermo city is a cornucopia of all shades through which Italy attracts the globetrotters. If you’ve planned for sightseeing after nude beach exploration, do not miss the below-given gem locations. 

nude beaches in italy 11
  • Palermo Cathedral (16 km) 
  • Teatro Massimo (15 km) 
  • Norman Palace (22 km) 
  • Fontana Pretoria (15 km) 
  • Regional Archeological Museum Antonio Salinas (14 km) 

Places to eat near Riserva Naturale di Capo Gallo, Palermo –

Tickling the taste buds with the signature delicacies of Italy as well as other international cuisines isn’t a big deal near Riserva Naturale do Capo Gallo. These dining locations deserve your visit. 

nude beaches in italy 12
  • Le Rocce ristorante (4.5 km) 
  • Ristorante SIMPATY – Palermo Mondello (4.2 km) 
  • Bye Bye Blues (4.5 km) 
  • Al Gabbiano (4.3 km) 
  • Poldo 2 Mondello (4 km) 

Places to stay near Riserva Naturale di Capo Gallo, Palermo –

The astounding architecture equipped with top-notch amenities warms the hearts of visitors at these stay properties that fall in the close circumference of Capo Gallo Nature Reserve. 

nude beaches in italy 13
  • House Orlando (9 km) 
  • Bellevue del Golfo (9.3 km) 
  • Alojamiento y Desayuno Sul Mare (13 km) 
  • Villamare Resort (8.7 km) 
  • Resort Giardino Incantato Villa Megna (8 km) 

4. Sassi Neri Nude Beach, Sirolo – 

nude beaches in italy 14

The combination of sandy and pebble seashore along the sparkling turquoise water draws a unique image of Sassi Neri Beach among naturists. Located in the territory of Sirolo, Sassi Neri serves calmness and seclusion in bulk to relax the mind and body of naturists during their sun bath sessions. 

Dedicated to the common public as well as nude practitioners, this deserted beach land is loaded heavily with free & wild vibes. Besides the naked relaxation under the balmy sun, you can take a skinny dip in the soothing sea water and try your hands at snorkeling

To access the prominent Sessi Neri beach, visitors can utilize the shuttle bus services available at Sirolo. The ride will take a maximum of 45 minutes to drop you at this picturesque nude beach location. 

Places to visit near Sessi Neri Beach, Sirolo – 

The proximity of Sessi Neri Beach is replete with scores of tourist attractions that narrate the enchanting tales of Italian history, architecture, culture and rich nature. 

nude beaches in italy 15
  • Belvedere sul Conero (2 km) 
  • Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto (17 km)
  • Badia di San Pietro (4.4 km)
  • Government Antiquarium (3.7 km)
  • Theater Alle Cave (2.9 km) 

Places to eat near Sessi Neri Beach, Sirolo – 

Whether you are craving an authentic street-side delicacy or looking to treat your tickling buds to luxury cuisine at a classic cafe or restaurant, the surroundings of Sessi Neri Beach won’t disappoint you even a bit. 

nude beaches in italy 16
  • La Taverna Street Food (2 km) 
  • Pa’ panino un bel po’ (2.2 km)
  • L’Osteria (1.8 km) 
  • Ristorante La Taverna (2 km)
  • Ristorante Terrazzamare La tua terrazza sul mare di Sirolo (1.9 km) 

Places to stay near Sessi Neri Beach, Sirolo – 

The mesmeric views portrayed from the windows of your stay locations near Sessi Neri Beach will enhance the exceptional experience of nude beach exploration. You must book one of these cozy accommodations equipped with advanced amenities. 

nude beaches in italy 17
  • B & B in the old elm (3.1 km)
  • San Michele Relais & Spa Sirolo (1.8 km)
  • Viverenumana affittacamere e appartamenti (3.6 km) 
  • Velia Mare Camere (3.7 km) 
  • AleMar Sirolo (2 km) 

5. Troncone Beach, Campania – 

nude beaches in italy 18

Serving as a public as well as naturist beach, Troncone has a plethora of treasures for beach bums. Its pristine natural beauty lies in the soaring cliffs that stand dramatically at the backdrop, soft golden sand, crystal water and rich Mediterranean vegetation

Other than experiencing the naked sunbath at the doughy sand surface of Troncone Beach, the naturists can revel in the adventure of kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, hiking and swimming etc. 

The facilities available close to the beach location eases the exploration of this unique natural treasure. You can buy umbrellas, beach towels, refreshing drinks and use restrooms just by walking a few steps away from the main beach land. 

Places to visit near Troncone Beach, Campania – 

To know the town of Campania and learn about Italian history, local culture and traditions, you must visit these worth-visiting locations. 

nude beaches in italy 19
  • Meeting del Mare (4.9 km) 
  • MUVIP Camerota (4.7 km) 
  • Grotta della Cala (5.1 km) 
  • Cooperativa Cilento Mare (5 km)
  • Lido Lentiscelle (5 km) 

Places to eat near Troncone Beach, Campania – 

The tantalizing aroma of distinctly cooked juicy seafood, signature Italian spaghetti and other authentic cuisines compel the passersby to visit these eateries. 

nude beaches in italy 20
  • Ammore e Mare (4.4 km) 
  • Non Solo Pane – Terrazza sul Mare (4.6 km) 
  • Ristorante Brezza di Mare (4.6 km) 
  • Ittiturismo La Cucina del Saragone (4.4 km) 
  • Restaurant Da Pepè (3.1 km) 

Places to stay near Troncone Beach, Campania – 

The comfort and luxury of a stay property rejuvenate the tired body of beach visitors. You can pick one of these budget-friendly yet lavish properties near Troncone Beach. 

nude beaches in italy 21
  • Villaggio Camping dell’Isola (3.2 km)
  • Park Hotel Cilento (3.2 km)
  • Hotel Calanca (4.5)
  • Hotel Bolivar (4.1 km) 
  • Villagio La Siesta ( 6 km) 

6. Costa die Barbari, Sistiana – 

nude beaches in italy 22

Nestled in a small yet beautiful village Duino-Aurisina, Costa Die Barbari beach embraces the staunch followers of the nudist lifestyle. You can access this stunning wild location by following a tedious trail starting from the coastal road. 

The unspoiled beauty of the beach lies in its finest combination of white sand & pebbles, turquoise blue sea, lush greenery at the backdrop and the balmy sun shining like a crown jewel on the top of the beach. Such scenic views pump enthusiasm in the hearts of naturists who want to relax in the lap of raw nature. 

The harmonious sound of crashing sea waves and rustling of lush vegetation act as fuel to the relaxing session of naturists. They can also take advantage of nearby sea facilities like rented umbrellas, refreshing drinks and some edibles etc. 

Places to visit near Costa die Barbari, Sistiana – 

After spending good hours at the beach during the daytime, you can add fun & spark to your vacation eves by exploring the nearby major tourist attractions.

nude beaches in italy 23
  • Towers of Slivia Cave (3.1 km) 
  • Fioravante Cave (4.6 km) 
  • Caverna Pocala (5.2 km) 
  • Unity of Italy Square (18 km) 
  • Trieste Adventure Park (2.4 km) 

Places to eat near Costa die Barbari, Sistiana – 

The dining locations and local food points carry the authentic culinary culture forward. Near Costo die Barbari, you must visit for once at these prominent eateries. 

nude beaches in italy 24
  • Ristorante Eden (4.1 km) 
  • Locanda Gaudemus (3 km) 
  • Maxi’s Restaurant (210 meters) 
  • Claudio Lauritano (2.9 km) 
  • Ristorante San Mauro (1.7 km) 

Places to stay near Costa die Barbari, Sistiana – 

The beach visitors of Costa die Barbari can comfort themselves at the luxurious stay properties. These accommodations serve spacious rooms, advanced facilitating features, breakfast and delightful sea views.

nude beaches in italy 25
  • Hotel Miramare (12 km) 
  • Le Torri di Silvia – Camere-Rooms (4.5 km) 
  • Bed & Breakfast Le Falesie di Sistiana (2.2 km) 
  • Tivoli Portopiccolo Sistiana Wellness Resort & Spa (650 meters) 
  • Crocevia – Locanda carsica contemporanea (8.4 km) 

7. Lido di Morge Naturist Beach, Chieti – 

nude beaches in italy 26

The naturists of all ages visit here to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and choose a unique practice of naturism to unwind. It is the only official nudism-friendly beach in this coastal region. The vast beach area of Lido do Morge embraces both kinds of visitors. Half of the beach location is demarcated for public beachgoers while the other half separated area welcomes the naturists. 

The shoreline of the beach is replenished with white sparkling sand and tiny pebbles. Waves remain smooth maximum of the time hence you can enjoy skinny dipping in the turquoise water. But keep the positions of rocky barriers in the sea while swimming. 

Places to visit near Lido di Morge Naturist Beach, Chieti – 

Visitors of this famed naturist beach must go out on a sightseeing spree to learn the traditions, culture, history and religious beliefs of Italy. 

nude beaches in italy 27
  • Lecceta Regional Natural Reserve of Torino di Sangro (3 km) 
  • Santuario della Madonna dei Miracoli (10 km)
  • Church of Our Lady of Loreto (8.5 km)
  • Chiesa e Complesso Monumentale di San Felice (8.9 km)
  • Trabocco Le Morge (10 meters) 

Places to eat near Lido di Morge Naturist Beach, Chieti – 

From sumptuous quick bites to appetizing meals, a range of edibles can be found right on the beach. If you are planning for a memorable lunch or dinner in Italy, visit these luxury restaurants and cafes. 

nude beaches in italy 28
  • Hotel Ristorante Le Morge (1.9 km)
  • La Caletta Panini d’aMare (220 meters) 
  • Cantina Effendi (8.5 km)
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Borgo Antico (8.5 km)
  • Ristorante Palucci (1.4 km) 

Places to stay near Lido di Morge Naturist Beach, Chieti – 

A beach vacation doesn’t seem perfect without spending unwinding moments at a comfortable stay place. You need not go too far to access lavish properties for a great stay while exploring near Lido di Morge Naturist Beach. 

nude beaches in italy 29
  • Centro Vacanze Poker (6.9 km) 
  • Miramare Village (900 meters) 
  • Camping Village Santo Stefano (3.2 km) 
  • B&B Rosa Dalfonsina (7.7 km) 
  • Hotel Levante (7.4 km) 

8. Spiaggia di Acquarilli, Portoferraio – 

nude beaches in italy 30

Though the beach does not hold the tag of an official nude beach, the dramatic soaring cliffs surrounding the cove offer a hidden place to unclothed beachgoers. Akin to several surreal beaches of Italy, Spiaggia di Acquarilli is divided into two areas. The first one greets well-clothed beachgoers, on the flip the other half is more isolated and separated for the practitioners of naturism. 

The shallow azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea present in the front greet the nudists with a plethora of soothing vibes. While on the back, the dense vegetation of the cliffs gives a sense of seclusion to get all bare. 

All you need to pack an umbrella, a towel, sunscreen and some drinks & edibles to calm your mind & body through a naked sunbath. For one notch higher rejuvenation, take a quick dip into the pacifying emerald water of the sea. 

Places to visit near Spiaggia di Acquarilli, Portoferraio – 

A few ancient fortresses and historical monuments are located very close to the naturist beach area. You must explore them to level up your learning. 

nude beaches in italy 31
  • Forte Falcone (13 km) 
  • Castello del Volterraio (10 km) 
  • Forte Stella – Museum (13 km) 
  • Medici’s Fortress – Portoferraio (12 km)
  • Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano (14 km)

Places to eat near Spiaggia di Acquarilli, Portoferraio – 

Willing to treat your palate with some great culinary crafts of Italian culture while enjoying the endearing sound of crashing waves? Here are the food points that can fulfill your wish. 

nude beaches in italy 32
  • Ristorante di pesce La Bussola fronte MARE a Le GHIAIE Portoferraio ISOLA D’ELBA (11 km) 
  • IL CHIOSCHETTO (2.1 km) 
  • Bagni Elba Bar & Restaurant (11 km) 
  • Il Rifrullo (8.6 km) 
  • Ristorante Bar Bagni La Padulella (12 km) 

Places to stay near Spiaggia di Acquarilli, Portoferraio – 

Within walking distance from the isolated naturist beach area, you can find the nearby locality dotted with budget-friendly yet magnificent accommodations. 

nude beaches in italy 33
  • Hotel Antares (4 km) 
  • Hotel Villa Wanda (3.4 km) 
  • Hotel Villa Ottone (8.6 km) 
  • B&B Villa Costanza – Isola D’Elba (1.8 km) 
  • Piccolo Cose B&B (6.7 km)

Italy is home to scores of nude beaches. Some of them are officially designated for naturism practitioners while some hidden ones are unofficial yet embrace nudism wholeheartedly. Besides the above given highly famed and frequently visited nude beaches, you can check out these hidden gems as well. 

  1. Spiaggia degli Alberoni, Lido, Venice
  2. Spiaggia di Guvano Vernazza, La Spezia 
  3. Lido di Dante Free Beach, Ravenna 
  4. Punta del Miglio, Tuscany
  5. Bucca Rosa, Piombino
  6. San Saba Beach, Sicily
  7. Cala Cottone, Pantelleria
  8. Vignanotica, Puglia
  9. Fiorenzuola di Focara, Marche
  10. Razza di Junco Beach, Sardinia

These dreamy naturist beaches will depict the love of nascent nature for people in a unique way. After spending a great time at the beach, the nudist not only wraps their stuff but also pack millions of memories with them. 

Apart from providing exceptional pleasure, nude sunbathing is quite beneficial for the human body. It enhances the blood circulation capability, gives a good dose of Vitamin D and improves several skin diseases. To gracefully accept the body type and color you are blessed with, you must experience the Nude Beach exploration at least once. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – 

Q – Is it legal to consume alcohol on the beaches of Italy? 

A – Yes, visitors can drink alcohol in public as well as on the natural beaches of Italy but they must take good care of their behavior after drinking. 

Q – Is there any entry fee for visiting the nude beaches of Italy? 

A – Yes, a few nude beaches that come under the authority of any nature conservation entity might charge a small amount from the visitors in the form of an entry fee. 

Q – Which rules a nudist must follow while visiting the nude beaches of Italy? 

A – Avoiding cameras, privacy breaches, following strangers, littering, any sexual activities and playing loud music is unacceptable on the nude beaches of Italy. Following these beach laws is mandatory for unclothed visitors in Italy. 

Q – In which region of Italy, maximum nude beaches are found? 

A – From north to south, the territories of Italy are dotted with great and most beautiful nude beaches. You may find a few public beaches with a separate demarcation for the nudism practitioners.

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