Top 8 brazilian nude beaches

brazilian nude beaches

The lively land of Brazil has gained recognition across the globe due to its bustling city life, massive carnivals, electrifying music, dense rainforest and stunning beaches. The scenic coastlines of Brazilian Beaches aren’t only dotted with a plethora of natural treasures but also invite the nudists to get subdued in the pleasure of naked sunbathing

From Paraíba in the north to Santa Catarina in the south, the practitioners of naturism can hop on any of the beaches and roam topless. But for treating your bare body with a bulk amount of Vitamin D, pick the officially nude-friendly beaches of Brazil. 

Here we’ll discuss the top 8 nude-friendly beaches of Brazil where naturists do not give a second thought before stripping off their clothes. 

What precautions one should take before planning to get bare on the nude beaches of Brazil? 

The nude wanderer at the beaches of Brazil must adhere to a certain set of rules & etiquette while experiencing exceptional sun exposure on their bare bodies. 

brazilian nude beaches 1
  1. Though the beaches are legally clothing-optional, the visitors with clothes are equally embraced by their fellows. 
  2. Staring, commenting and pointing at fellow nudists’ bodies is unacceptable at the nude beaches of Brazil. 
  3. While visiting a Brazilian beach legal for naturists, keep your cameras & phones at home. If you are snapping the shots of sunsets, sea and other natural things, make sure no nudist is involved in the frame. 
  4. Do not violate the privacy of fellow nudists by initiating a forced conversation, following them on the beach area and sitting excessively close to them, etc. 
  5. Any kind of sexual activity and intimacy will not be welcomed by the fellow nudists and authorities of the beaches. 
  6. Carry your favorite book, towel, sunscreen and some edibles to the beach for having a great experience of sun lounging. 

In this article, you will get to know about the locations of nude beaches, the activities available there, sightseeing, food points and accommodations around them. 

Let’s begin the virtual exploration of these astounding beach lands. 

1. Massarandupió Beach, Bahia – 

brazilian nude beaches 2

The widely spanned isolation on this splendid Massarandupió Beach uplifts the delight of lounging bare under the balmy sun. Blanketed with many abrupt towering cliffs that shield this pristine nude beach land from the chilling breeze, is a big catch for nature lovers as well as practitioners of naturism. 

Though the waves remain strong & insane, you can try your hands at swimming when the sea is favorable. The beach invites the LGBTQ community as well for a nude-friendly beach experience. Massarandupió Beach is located close to five other beaches, therefore you can hop on them one after another and extend your beach trip in Brazil. 

Hiking, surfing, and windboarding are some more options that can entertain you through water fun. Oceanfront restaurant, lively parties in the evening, changing rooms, public toilets and smooth facility for parking compel the visitors to arrive at clothing-optional Massarandupió Beach frequently. The visitors can witness the unique species of sea turtles on the beach who visit here during their spawning period. 

Places to visit near Massarandupió Beach, Bahia – 

The close location of Massarandupio Beach holds massive recognition for its unparalleled natural charm. After calming your nerves through a naked sunbath at Massarandupio Beach, set yourself off on a sightseeing tour around the beach area. 

brazilian nude beaches 3
  • Cachoeira dos Indios, Esplanada Ba (25 km)
  • Praia de Santo Antonio (28 km)
  • Vila Nova da Praia (25 km)
  • Ecoparque da Mata (9.5 km)
  • Porto do Sauipe (20 km) 

Places to eat near Massarandupió Beach, Bahia – 

Though only a few cafes and restaurants are located near Massarandupió Beach, a range of qualitative shacks steal the limelight when it comes to savoring delicacies with a view.

brazilian nude beaches 4
  • Restaurante Caminho do Mar (2.1 km)
  • Patrício’s Place (650 meters) 
  • Barraca do Juvenal (190 meters) 
  • Restaurante La Villa (26 km) 

Places to stay near Massarandupió Beach, Bahia –

The extended range of accommodation options available for the Massarandupio Nude Beach explorers amaze them with their astounding features & sheer luxury. A look at lavish yet budget-friendly stay properties. 

brazilian nude beaches 5
  • Pousada Rio E Mar (3 km) 
  • Hostel Amicum (2.2 km)
  • Recanto Amarelo Casa -Pousada (2.7 km)
  • Mami Wata Pousada Caminho do Mar ( 3.7 km) 
  • Pousada Refugio Da Villa (47 km) 

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2. Galheta Beach, Florianopolis – 

brazilian nude beaches 6

Nestled on surreal Santa Catarina Island, the unspoiled Galheta Beach is no less than a hidden gem for nude beachgoers. The beautiful arch of white sand, giant hills blanketed with foliage & wild orchids and a complete sense of seclusion add a distinct charming vibe to this pristine shoreline of Galheta Beach. 

The clothing-optional section of Galheta Beach can be accessed through a narrow trail initiated from the north end of Praia Mole. After attaining a massive refreshment from nude sunbathing activity, you can go swimming & surfing in the turquoise seawater. 

Though there is no entry fee for the usual beach visitors & naturists, you can hire a paid guide to explore the scenic beauty of Gelheta Beach with an informative aspect. The guided tours can cost from $42 to $69 per person. You can plan a visit here between December and March. The LGBTQ community can be witnessed in bulk among the nudist beachgoers of Gelheta Beach. 

Places to visit near Gelheta Beach, Florianopolis – 

Due to being tucked far flung from the bustling city area, visitors find very few opportunities to revel in the fun of sightseeing around Gelhota Beach. But a range of natural treasures amaze them with a refreshing vibe. Take a look at the options that can be included in the itinerary. 

brazilian nude beaches 7
  • Fountain of Carioca (1.6 km)
  • Centro Histórico de Laguna (2.6 km)
  • Museu Casa de Anita (3 km)
  • Museu Histórico Anita Garibaldi (2.4 km)
  • Igreja Matriz Santo Antônio dos Anjos – Laguna (2.7 km) 

Places to eat near Gelheta Beach, Florianopolis – 

A relaxing day out at Galheta Beach can be made even more memorable by planning a lunch or dinner outing at the closest prominent cafes and restaurants. 

brazilian nude beaches 8
  • O Timoneiro (750 meters) 
  • Ponta das Caranhas (1.4 km) 
  • Taboo Tiki Bar – Comida Vegetariana – Chopp Artesanal ( 5.6 km) 
  • Restaurante Rancho de Canoa (750 meters) 
  • El Padre Pizzas e Burgers (2.8 km) 

Places to stay near Galheta Beach, Florianopolis – 

The beachgoers can comfort their tired body at a luxury accommodation located quite close to Galheta Nude Friendly Beach. A look at the best & budget-friendly locations. 

brazilian nude beaches 9
  • Selina Floripa & Cowork ( 2.6 km) 
  • Sea Wolf Surf Hostel (3.4 km) 
  • Pousada Mar Do Leste ( 3.2 km) 
  • Pousada Bangalose Da Mole (2.9 km) 
  • Barra Beach Club (3.4 km) 

3. Olho De Boi Beach, Rio De Janeiro – 

brazilian nude beaches 10

An official nude beach where you can find complete privacy for naked sunbathing relaxation is quite a prominent beach location in Rio De Janeiro. Decked with several scenic nature treasures its unique “V” shaped location embraces the nudists and allows them to flaunt their bare bodies with grace. 

The naturists can communicate with nature through the endearing sounds of soothing waves crashing with the glittery shoreline. While praising the vast ocean in front of yourself don’t miss the rich greenery on towering cliffs surrounding this secluded beach. 

After sprawling on the mildly warm sand leisurely, visit the nearby oceanfront restaurants to please your craving palate for authentic Brazilian delicacies. A beachside bar, rented umbrellas and refreshing drinks lift the level of exploring the beach without clothes. Do not forget to try your hands at fishing, hiking and enjoying a fun water taxi ride. 

Places to visit near Olho De Boi Beach, Rio De Janeiro – 

The surroundings of Praia Olho De Boi beach are dotted with several worth watching ancient locations. From a religious church to an ancient historical site to bustling market lanes, you can explore a lot near Olho De Boi Beach. 

brazilian nude beaches 11
  • Church Of Sant’Anna (2.1 km)
  • Rua Das Pedras (2.1 km) 
  • Spa Zen & Estetica (2.2 km) 
  • Porto da Barra, Buzios (5.2 km) 
  • Juscelino Kubitschek statue (1.8 km) 

Places to eat near Olho De Boi Beach, Rio De Janeiro – 

The eateries close to the beach area are the finest combination of sea views, sunsets, music, dance and tantalizing global food items. Take a look at the top options.

brazilian nude beaches 12
  • Zapata Búzios (2.1 km)
  • Pier Rua das Pedras (2.7 km)
  • Primitivo Búzios (3 km)
  • Bar do Zé (2.1 km)
  • Chamas Búzios Restaurante (2.1 km)

Places to stay near Olho De Boi Beach, Rio De Janeiro – 

Lounging on the soft mattresses and best utilizing the highly advanced amenities at accommodations near Olho De Boi Beach will revive your mind & body. Here are the classic stay properties. 

brazilian nude beaches 13
  • Pousada Sable D’or (5.2 km) 
  • Inn of the Guardians (4.1 km) 
  • Pousada Buzios Garden (900 meters) 
  • Pousada Blue Marlin (6.5 km) 
  • Condomino Geriba Apart Hotel (6.6 km)

4. Tambaba Beach, Paraiba – 

brazilian nude beaches 14

Another official nudist beach in Brazil that has made its place in the list of highly opted & favorite clothing-optional locations is Tambaba Beach. The name Tambaba explains this naturist spot beautifully through its meaning – Inside The Rocks. 

Counted one of the most beautiful twenty beaches in Brazil, Tambaba lures the naturists to live some pleasurable moments in the lap of doughy sand. Right after stepping on this magical beach land, the breathtaking views comprising colorful cliffs, immense vegetation, turquoise water, white sand, and fringes of coconut trees win the hearts of nature admirers. 

Due to being authorized by the environmental protection area, the cleanliness of Tambaba Beach is remarkable. Besides a no-cloth sunbathing & relaxing walk on the beach, you can enjoy surfing here. For leisurely soaking in the sun, grab the advantage of a rented sunbed and umbrella

Places to visit near Tambaba Beach, Paraiba – 

Looking for a scenic viewpoint, ancient monument, cultural center or a shopping site near Tambaba Beach after the beach exploration? Include the following locations in your itinerary. 

brazilian nude beaches 15
  • Mirante Praia de Tambaba (270 meters) 
  • Parque da Lagoa – Solon de Lucena (37 km) 
  • Mangabeira Shopping (35 km) 
  • Areia Vermelha Marine State Park (50 km)
  • Jardim Botânico Benjamim Maranhão (35 km) 

Places to eat near Tambaba Beach, Paraiba – 

You can’t miss the amazing ambiance of food points located quite close to the Tambaba beach. Great views of sea waves and catchy presentation of delectable delicacies and drinks infuse a refreshing vibe in the visitors. 

brazilian nude beaches 16
  • Xexeu Tambabar (on the beach) 
  • Praia Soul Bar e Restaurante (7.3 km) 
  • Restaurante Canyon de Coqueirinho (7.3 km) 
  • Restaurante Rural Casa de Taipa Tambaba ( 4.7 km) 
  • Restaurante Arca de Bilú (700 meters) 

Places to stay near Tambaba Beach, Paraiba – 

There’s no dearth of top-trending hotels, resorts and hostels around Tambaba Beach. You can plan a stay at the below-listed properties in a budget-friendly way. 

brazilian nude beaches 17
  • Pousada Enseada do Sol (9.9 km) 
  • Pousada Beach House Coqueirinho (6.6 km) 
  • Naturist Guest House Tambaba (on the beach) 
  • Cliffs of Carapibus (9.5 km) 
  • Pousada Laguna (10 km) 

5. Praia Do Pinho, Balneário Camboriú – 

brazilian nude beaches 18

Being the first naturist beach in Brazil, Praia Do Pinho lures nude beach visitors through its stunning surroundings. It is beautifully tucked between the skyrocketing cliffs loaded with lush greenery. The calm coastline of Praia Do Pinho is replete with soothing views of clear sky, emerald water, yellow sand and greenery. 

Beachgoers can take off their clothes and enjoy their relaxing session under the balmy sunlight. Besides having too many natural treasures to serve, Praia Do Pinho has a range of facilities to make your naked beach experience even smoother as well. Public toilets, changing rooms, lounging chairs and shades amplify the pleasure of bare sunbathing. 

Places to visit near Praia Do Pinho Beach, Balneário Camboriú – 

The closest locations worth sightseeing to the prominent nude beach Praia Do Pinho do not disappoint the beach bums even a bit. Let us know what will amaze you the most.

brazilian nude beaches 19
  • Complexo Ambiental Cyro Gevaerd (8.8 km) 
  • Parque dos Dinossauros – Aventura Jurássica – Atração Turística de Balneário Camboriú (13 km) 
  • Unipraias Park – Orange Station (3.6 km)
  • Classic Car Show Museu do Automóvel de Balneário Camboriú Atrações Turísticas de Balneário (12 km) 
  • Oceanic Aquarium – Atração Turística em Balneário Camboriú – Aquário em Balneário Camboriú (10 km) 

Places to eat near Praia Do Pinho Beach, Balneário Camboriú – 

Planning a luxurious lunch at an expensive restaurant or exploring the local food culture through a beach shack, you can make plenty of choices regarding food near Praia Do Pinho beach. Here we have rounded up some best food places for the visitors of Praia Do Pinho. 

brazilian nude beaches 20
  • Das Antiga Taquaras (1.8 km) 
  • Casa Acaé (3.4 km) 
  • Taquaras Restaurante (1.7 km) 
  • SESTO SENSO AL MARE (12 km) 
  • Sabores do Mar Praia (3.6 km) 

Places to stay near Praia Do Pinho Beach, Balneário Camboriú – 

Treat yourself to the sheer luxury & comfort available at the budget-friendly properties near the nude beach after spending a great day here. A look at the lavish accommodation facilities near the beach destination. 

brazilian nude beaches 21
  • Hospedaria Da Barra (6.1 km) 
  • Pousada Ponta Do Lobo ( 2.6 km) 
  • Glamping Cabanas Do Estaleiro (2.9 km) 
  • Reserva Praia Hotel (1.9 km) 
  • Estaleiro Guest House (2.6 km) 

6. JuruJuba Beach, Niteroi – 

brazilian nude beaches 22

The spectacular views and solitary vibes extended over the vast area of JuruJuba Beach invite the shy & naive naturists to have an exceptional experience. Due to being visited by very selective people, the nudists can easily communicate with the soothing sound of crashing waves and the gentle rustle of swaying palms. 

The hassle-free accessibility of beach shacks, changing rooms, public toilets, parking areas and showers etc make it the idyllic choice for the beach bums belonging to the nude-friendly community.

Apart from attaining a naked beach exploration advantage, the visitors can traverse through the gleaming shoreline by enjoying a boat excursion. Views comprising magnificent marine creatures like turtles and dolphins offer a delightful experience to the boat riders. 

Places to visit near JuruJuba Beach, Niteroi – 

Visitors who show a keen interest in witnessing the historical, religious, and cultural significance must go for a sightseeing tour after their beach day out. 

brazilian nude beaches 23
  • Forte de São Luís (2.7 km)
  • Fortaleza de Santa Cruz da Barra (3.5 km) 
  • Niterói Contemporary Art Museum (9.3 km)
  • Campo de São Bento (6.8 km) 
  • Niterói City Park (5 km) 

Places to eat near JuruJuba Beach, Niteroi – 

To know the local culture of Brazil in one notch higher manner, you must visit the bustling food points available around JuruJuba Beach. Go through these options for once & pick the best one. 

brazilian nude beaches 24
  • Restaurante Berbigão (1.2 km) 
  • Nem Quiria Jurujuba (1.8 km)
  • Bicho Papão | Restaurante Frutos do Mar | Petiscos (1 km) 
  • Celina’s Restaurante (1.3 km) 
  • Sr. Joel Bar e Restaurante (130 meters) 

Places to stay near JuruJuba Beach, Niteroi – 

A beach vacation feels bland without comforting yourself at a lavish stay property. The stunning beach views, luxury services, tempting breakfast & spa services, etc upgrade the level of beach vacation pleasure. These are the frequently picked properties by JuruJuba beachgoers. 

brazilian nude beaches 25
  • H Niteroi Hotel (8 km) 
  • Pousada Porito Charitas (550 meters) 
  • Hotel Solar Do Amanhecer (2.3 km) 
  • Hotel de Trânsito do Forte Imbuhy Flamboyant (450 meters) 
  • Hotel Atlantico Business (29 km) 

7. Barra Seca Beach, Ubatuba – 

brazilian nude beaches 26

Barra Seca Beach is located close to urban areas but surrounded by splendid green mountains which act as a natural shade for nude visitors. In peak vacation and summer season, the beach becomes a hotspot for a variety of visitors like solo sojourns, relaxing gateway lovers, solace seekers and beach bums looking for a “no cloth” advantage. 

Walking barefoot and barefoot on the doughy sand shoreline will work like therapy for your body. The calm waves hitting the toes of walkers compliment the scenic beauty of Barra Seca Beach replete with abundant relaxing vibes. 

A few water sports activities are also available at Barra Seca Beach to inject adventure into the relaxing beach visit. You can try your hands at sea kayaking, swimming and jet skiing etc. Direct parking accessibility on the beach, restaurants, public washrooms and changing areas comfort the nude beach visitors immensely.

The visitors can also plan a beach camping at Barra Seca Beach to have an evocable memory with their loved ones. 

Places to visit near Barra Secca Beach, Ubatuba – 

The captivating sightseeing locations present in Ubatuba provide a range of opportunities for beach visitors to know Brazil closely. Here are some prominent historic, natural and ancient monuments fit for sightseeing. 

brazilian nude beaches 27
  • Ubatuba Aquarium (7.4 km) 
  • Fundação Projeto Tamar – Ubatuba (9.2 km) 
  • Lighthouse Cruise (5.5 km) 
  • Museu da Vida Marinha (3 km) 
  • Whale Square (9.4 km) 

Places to eat near Barra Secca Beach, Ubatuba – 

You can not take your eyes off the vibrant ambiance of the restaurants, cafes and shacks serving some great signature cuisines. 

You can visit here to satiate your craving palate. 

brazilian nude beaches 28
  • Espaco Jundu (12 km) 
  • Bixiga Forneria – Ubatuba (6.8 km) 
  • Jundu Praia Bar (15 km) 
  • Restaurante O Rei do Peixe (7 km) 

Places to stay near Barra Secca Beach, Ubatuba – 

Packed with classic & comfortable stay properties, the proximity of Barra Secca Beach offers a range of choices to visitors regarding accommodation. You can opt for hostels and guest accommodations if you are looking for a budget-friendly stay.

brazilian nude beaches 29
  • Ubatuba Praia Hotel (11 km) 
  • Nacional Inn Ubatuba (13 km) 
  • 1819 Marine Hotel (12 km) 
  • Ubatuba Palace Hotel (7.2 km) 
  • Pousada Don Diego (9.6 km)

8. Praia De Abrico, Rio De Janeiro – 

brazilian nude beaches 30

Located in the western Grumari, a neighboring location of Rio De Janeiro, the Praia De Abrico beach holds massive prominence as a clothing-optional beach among naturism enthusiasts. The broad expansion of light-shaded sand and calm ocean provide an appropriate laid-back atmosphere for nude visitors to have some unwinding moments. Several offshore islands can also be witnessed in front of the pristine beach land of Praia De Abrico. 

The beachside bars, sea-facing restaurants and restroom facilities become some biggest catches for nude beach explorers. Though the beach is visited less frequently by people, you should reach early to grab a secluded corner for in peak summer season. 

Walking barefoot on the sand, lounging & sunbathing under a shade, reading your favorite book while sipping a refreshing drink and swimming when the sea allows are some activities for naturists to treat their mind & body with great pleasure. There is no fee for entering this nude beach but you can hire a rented guide service to explore the beach thoroughly. 

Places to visit near Praia De Abrico, Rio De Janeiro – 

The naked sunbathing at Praia De Abrico can be followed by an intriguing sightseeing itinerary plan. Look at these phenomenal centers where you can witness the historical and cultural significance of Brazil. 

brazilian nude beaches 31
  • Sítio Roberto Burle Marx – IPHAN (10 km) 
  • Turtle Stone (8.5 km) 
  • Parque Natural Municipal da Prainha (1.4 km)
  • Parque Lage (36 km) 
  • Sugarloaf Mountain (42 km) 

Places to eat near Praia De Abrico, Rio De Janeiro – 

The range of quick bites, appetizers, drinks, salads and desserts at the amazing food joints near the beach lures the food freaks immensely. 

brazilian nude beaches 32
  • Restaurante Point de Grumari (4.3 km) 
  • Casa Due (9.9 km) 
  • Garota de Guaratiba (8.1 km) 
  • Clássico Beach Club – Grumari (190 meters) 
  • Bira de Guaratiba Restaurante (6.6 km) 

Places to stay near Praia De Abrico, Rio De Janeiro – 

The beach visitors can book a luxurious stay near the Praia De Abrico beach to rejuvenate themselves after traversing through the entire beach surroundings. Have a glimpse of stay properties equipped with comfort and luxury. 

brazilian nude beaches 33
  • Pousada  Sergio (7.4 km) 
  • Pousada Praia do Recreio (5.2 km) 
  • River Way Hostel (5.1 km)
  • KS Beach Hotel Residence (5.5 km) 
  • Atlantico Sul Hotel (6. 4 km) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – 

Q –  What makes Brazilian nude beaches a distinct spot of fun, pleasure and relaxation? 

A – Widely prevailed tranquility, remarkable hygiene, lush greenery and strict set of nude beach guidelines drag the naturism enthusiasts towards the scenic beaches of Brazil for clothing optional experience. 

Q – What is the best and most convenient way to access these nude beaches in Brazil? 

A – Most of the prominent and official nude beaches of Brazil can be accessed through your four-wheelers, bikes and boats etc. At some beaches, you will need to hike a rough trail after parking your vehicle. 

Q – Do the nude beach authorities of Brazil demand any entry fee from the naturists? 

A – Yes, a few nude-friendly beaches in Brazil require an entry fee from the visitors while several other beaches do not ask any amount to enter there. 

Q – Which rules & etiquette should be followed by nude visitors in Brazil? 

A – Avoid using binoculars & cameras,  breaching the privacy of fellow nudists, taking sexual advances, littering on the beach area and commenting on any other nudist is strictly prohibited at the nude beaches of Brazil. You should also be dressed well before reaching the determined nude-friendly location. 

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