Top 3 nude beaches of Washington 

Nude beaches of Washington

The globetrotters call Washington with the name of “a home to natural miracles”. Its unmatched serenity belongs to each nook and corner of the state. From volcanic peaks to lush rainforests, everything narrates an enchanting story of Washington’s striking natural beauty.

Nude beaches of Washington 0

But when it comes to the beaches of Washington, visitors find themselves unable to pull back from their divine charm. Not just the public beaches of Washington, but the hidden secluded nude beaches of the state also exert a lasting imprint on the explorers. 

Though you may find several hidden beaches where nudism-friendly activities are welcomed, Seattle is the hub of maximum legal or official beaches where one can roam unclothed. These beaches offer adequate peace & seclusion to spend some unwinding moments as well as a therapeutic atmosphere that heals the mind, body, and soul of naturists.  

In this article, you can learn about the soul-stirring locations of Washington’s most-known nudism-friendly beaches. Along with it, we’ve rounded up a list of sightseeing spots, dining locations and accommodations near those nude beach destinations. 

What should be the behavior of a naturist who is a regular visitor of such beaches or a new practitioner of naturism? 

To maintain the decency of naturism, the communities that endorse this lifestyle have determined a certain set of rules. Complying with them is mandatory for each visitor. 

Nude beaches of Washington 1

Take a quick view of them. 

  • Don’t give a stare to your fellow nude visitors. It can create an uncomfortable situation for them. 
  • Clothing-optional beaches do not have any certain rules for staying unclothed here. The newbies, shy and uncomfortable visitors can put on their clothes. 
  • Capturing pictures is not allowed on the nudism-friendly beaches of Washington. You can take consent before clicking snaps. 
  • Any lewd or sexual activity will not be welcomed by fellow nudists. Whether you are a seasoned nudist or a newbie, avoid such activities. 
  • Make sure you are dressed properly before reaching and leaving the nude-friendly beaches of Washington. 
  • Spoiling the beaches through littering, spitting and dismantling the public properties available there. It should be a punishable offense. 
  • Make proper distance from your fellow nudists who are sitting or lying close to you. It will give them a sense of seclusion. 
  • Breaching the privacy of their fellow nudists by initiating forceful conversations with them and following them.
  • Playing loud music and any other disturbing activities will not be tolerated by fellow nudists. 

What are the compelling causes behind practicing the Nudism? 

Though the practice of Nudism is misinterpreted and misunderstood, the below-listed unveiling points endorse it. 

Nude beaches of Washington 2

1. Busting the mystified image of the human body – 

It is quite useful for the kids to learn about how a male and female human body looks. This also helps them to grow without confronting any body shaming issues. Nudism enables people to accept their body type and skin color with honor and grace. 

2. Being comfortable in your unique body – 

Concealing their body flaws with clothes does not please the nudists but they feel comfort in accepting their nude bodies. Being too judgemental and critical towards your body type can be ended through practicing nudism frequently. 

3. A great dose of vitamin D – 

Sunbathing with your naked body helps in attaining a huge amount of vitamin D. It rejuvenates the whole body and treats several skin diseases as well. You should lounge or take a long stroll along the shoreline naked to reap the maximum benefits of this practice. 

4. Flaunting tanned bodies – 

It is very common among the nudists to gracefully flaunt the tanned bodies on the beaches. The practice of nudism allows them to do so. 

5. Theraupitic skinny dipping – 

The skinny dipping into the chilling emerald water of the sea at nude-friendly beaches acts like therapy to the nudists. It will also benefit you with a better sleep cycle. 

To know more about nudism and the beaches, you can get connected with the local communities who endorse nudism with striking facts. These groups spread awareness about the right nude beach locations and appropriate rules, regulations and etiquette. 

Let’s begin the tour of all the prominent nudism-friendly beaches of Washington. 

1. Collins Beach, Sauvie Island, Oregon – 

Nude beaches of Washington 3

Tucked on the eastern tip of the island, this beach is idyllic for spending a great and indelible afternoon in the lap of rugged nature. After passing through the narrow trails concealed in the farms and fields, the scenic positioning of this stunning clothing-optional beach will dazzle your eyes. 

The 1.5 km long stretch of this nude-friendly beach is known for its sparkling yellow sand and crystal water. During the summer season, you may confront a big flock of nudists. To find a secluded spot for naked sun lounging, access the beach early or visit here on weekdays. 

Collins Beach is one of the two clothing-optional beaches situated in the locality of Oregon. You can not take off your clothes on any of the spots of the Collins beach as the only southern section is demarcated for skinny dipping, bare-bodied sunlouging and other nude-friendly activities. 

Another captivating thing available on Collins Beach is the abandoned concrete sailboats which look quite similar to the UFO. Bringing dogs on the beach for walking is permitted here. There is no parking facility available on the beach, you will need to park your vehicle at Reeder Road located close to the beach. 

Places to visit near Collins Beach, Oregon – 

This hidden clothing-optional beach location is blanketed with several natural scenic points. From parks, gardens and lakes to hiking areas, visitors can explore a lot near Collins Beach. 

Nude beaches of Washington 4
  • Warrior Rock Lighthouse Point Trailhead (1.6 miles)
  • Wapto Bridge (24 miles)
  • Scappoose Bay (30 miles)
  • Oregon Zoo (26 miles) 
  • Washington Park (26 miles) 
  • International Rose Test Garden (25 miles)
  • Fort Vancouver National Historic Site (31 miles) 

Places to eat near Collins Beach, Oregon – 

On the island or closest to the beach area, the visitors find a handful of shacks and local restaurants. But for an expensive and classic lunch, you may travel a bit far from Collins Beach. 

Nude beaches of Washington 5
  • Southpark Seafood (24 miles)
  • Bushwhackers (36 miles)
  • Rosebud Cafe (21 miles)
  • 3 sheets at the harbor (29 miles)
  • The Patio Café at the Pumpkin Patch (11 miles)
  • Kitchen Table Cafe- Salmon Creek (36 miles) 

Places to stay near Collins Beach, Oregon – 

The stunning architecture and highly advanced features of hospitality and services at lavish stay properties near Collins Beach will exert an impression on you. 

Nude beaches of Washington 6
  • Best Western Oak Medows Inn (30 miles) 
  • The Heathman Lodge ( 35 miles) 
  • Scappoose Creek Inn (26 miles) 
  • Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Vancouver (36 miles)
  • Quality Inn & Suites Vancouver North (36 miles) 

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2. Howell Park Clothing Optional Beach, Seattle – 

Nude beaches of Washington 7

This secluded lakefront area is recognized as a hidden clothing-optional beach in Seattle, Washington. Allowing the nudists to strip off all their clothes and lay bare on the land, this isolated nudism-friendly is apt for recreational activities. 

The green surroundings offer several hidden spots to avoid other visitors and ample shades to confront the scorching heat. The surreal sunrise and sunset views at this clothing-optional place are worth visiting. The nudists may confront here LGBTQ communities at Howell Park. 

Unlike the other legal clothing-optional beaches, Howell Park has no parking facility, no bins and no changing rooms or public washrooms. Therefore you must plan your nude beach day out accordingly. The stunning views of Washington Lake please the visitors immensely and they can also swim smoothly in it. Visiting here in the afternoons will be most suitable as chilly winters prevent the visitors from taking a dip into the lake. 

Well, the beach has no sign board, you will find only male nude visitors at Howell Park in large numbers. 

Places to visit near Howell Park Beach, Seattle – 

The close localities of Howell Park Beach are full of tourist attractions comprising ancient bridges, parks, historical landmarks museums etc. Take a quick view of where you must visit after wrapping up the nude beach day at Howell Park. 

Nude beaches of Washington 8
  • Ballard (Hiram M. Chittenden) Locks (8.9 miles)
  • Sky View Observatory – Columbia Center (3.4 miles) 
  • Seattle Public Library – Central Library (3.7 miles)
  • Smith Tower (3.7 miles)
  • Chihuly Garden and Glass (4.3 miles) 

Places to eat near Howell Park Beach, Seattle – 

Riveted by the stunning sea views, the visitors can revel in the pleasure of sumptuous delicacies at these prominent cafes near Howell Beach Park. 

Nude beaches of Washington 9
  • Cafe Opla (4.6 miles)
  • Sound View Cafe (4.2 miles)
  • Bacco Cafe (4.3 miles)
  • The Stonehouse Cafe (8 miles) 
  • Pepperdock Restaurant (9.6 miles) 

Places to stay near Howell Park Beach, Seattle – 

Equipped with sheer luxury and comfort, the classic yet budget-friendly stays near Howell Park Beach are the epitome of great hospitality and top-notch amenities. 

Nude beaches of Washington 10
  • Seattle Gaslight Inn (2.4 miles)
  • La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Seattle Downtown (3.6 miles)
  • Belltown Inn (4.7 miles)
  • Hilton Motif Seattle (4.3 miles)
  • Crowne Plaza Seattle-Downtown, an IHG Hotel (3.6 miles) 

3. Point Wells, Edmonds – 

Nude beaches of Washington 11

A small and narrow stretch of Puget Sound Beach located in Edmonds is one of the most amazing nude-friendly spots of Washington where visitors can soak some sun lying bare in the lap of nature. 

Frequently visited by Gay men, the Point Wells is famed among nudists for its unparalleled natural setting. The shallow and calm water along the shoreline invites the nudists to take a quick skinny dip into it and spend some unwinding swimming moments. 

The clothing-optional location, Point Wells is quite secluded as you can sense its privacy while trespassing on the narrow railroad tracks to access the beach. 

Unlike the other nudism-friendly locations of Washington, Point Wells has a long enough waterfront stroll. Here you can walk barefoot and unclothed to relax your nerves. The sunrise, and sunset views and visuals including the Olympic mountains will dazzle your sight. 

Due to being a hidden and isolated area, the visitors will find quite a few facilities. You may need to park your vehicle at a distance from the Point Wells location and tackle issues in finding a public restroom. 

Places to visit near Point Wells, Edmonds – 

The nearby localities of Point Wells, compel the visitors to plan a sightseeing tour after nude beach exploration. Take a look at the stunning ancient and natural locations that deserve your attention. 

Nude beaches of Washington 12
  • Cascadia Art Museum (3.7 miles) 
  • Puget Sound Express – Whale watching tour ( 4.2 miles) 
  • Boeing Future Of Flight (17 miles)
  • Lynndale Park (6.9 miles)
  • Gallery North (3.7 miles)

Places to eat near Point Wells, Edmonds – 

To dive into the culinary ocean of the USA, you must visit the best and most prominent eateries close to Point Wells, Edmonds. 

Nude beaches of Washington 13
  • Rory’s of Edmonds (3.7 miles)
  • Leftcraft (3.7 miles) 
  • Caravan Kebab (3.1 miles)
  • Fire & the Feast (3.7 miles)
  • Portofino Restaurant & Bar (4.8 miles) 

Places to stay near Point Wells, Edmonds – 

To revive yourself after spending great hours at the beach and visiting sightseeing locations one after another, you need one of these accommodations decked up with remarkable facilities and top-notch hospitality. 

Nude beaches of Washington 14
  • Villa Rivarola (4.9 miles)
  • Travelodge by Wyndham Seattle North/Edmonds (4.2 miles)
  • La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Lynnwood (8.7 miles)
  • Courtyard by Marriott Seattle North/Lynnwood Everett (8.6 miles)
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle North Lynnwood (4.5 miles)

Besides the above-listed official and unofficial nudism-friendly beaches, here are some more locations where nudists can find a secluded spot for relaxation, sunbathing and skinny dipping, etc.  

  1. Denny Blaine Park 
  2. Geoduck Beach Park 
  3. Rooster Rock State Park 
  4. Magnuson Park 
  5. Wannapum Reservoir/Vantage Nude Beach 

Based on the above-listed nude beach location, the practitioners of nudism can conclude that Washington does not have too many coastal areas where visitors can get undressed and lounge on the shoreline. Many of the nudist’s friendly spots are located along the lakeside and a beach park. 

Which points you must keep in mind to maintain the privacy and security of your stuff as well as yourself? 

It is well known that nude beaches are located far from the bustling urban areas and less patrolled by the local police authorities, one must be highly aware of the safety of vehicles, goods and oneself. 

Here are some noteworthy points. 

  • The Nudist visitors should park their vehicles only at an authorized parking location to ensure their safety. Parking at an illegal location can cause theft or damage to your vehicle. 
  • You should avoid carrying expensive gadgets to the nude beaches as strangers seek a chance to steal things from the secluded beach locations. 
  • While placing your mat, towel, or lounging chair on the beach, make a good distance from your fellow nudists to ensure your safety as well as privacy. 
  • Most of the nude beaches have no facilities regarding lifeguard safety. Make sure you are capable enough to swim or perform any water fun activity after knowing the mood of sea waves. If the waves are rough and high, avoid diving into the seawater. 
  • Near the nude beach areas, the chances of wild and harmful marine animals’ presence fall on the higher side. You can ask about it from the local fishermen and people who reside near the nude beach location. 
  • You might find a lack of basic facilities like restrooms, washrooms, changing rooms, cafes and parking close to the nude beach area. Hence you must prepare accordingly to curb the difficulties during nude beach exploration. 
  • Consuming too much alcohol on the nude beach might cause a troublesome situation for the nudists as well as their fellow ones. Therefore you should avoid carrying it on the beach or consume it in less amounts. 
  • Before finalizing your hidden or secluded spot at the nude beach, make sure it is safe. Many times, harmful marine and land creatures make their home in such dark spots and can harm you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – 

Q – Is nudity legal in Washington? 

A – Yes, but only at the designated beach parks and lakefront locations, one can strip off all the clothes. While going topless on the public beaches of Washington is also acceptable. 

Q – Is there a good number of nude-friendly beaches in Washington? 

A – Nudists can find good spots to get unclothed and soak in the sun in Washington but only a handful of nude-friendly locations are legally available here. Most of the nudism-friendly spots are lakefront and beach parks. 

Q – What are the rules and regulations determined for the nudists by the Washington authority and nudism-endorsing communities? 

A – To maintain the dignity of the nude lifestyle among visitors, the authorities ask them to avoid staring at fellow nudists, capturing their pictures without consent, littering on the beaches, making any sexual and lewd activities on the beach, etc. 

Q – What one must carry to the nude beach to thoroughly enjoy the sunbathing and naked beach fun? 

A – Some edibles, drinks, towels, umbrella, sunscreen and a few clothes are some important items that a nudist should carry while visiting a nude beach. 

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